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It’s undisputable that the year has kicked off with a excellent section of anime, such as Mob Psycho, The Promise Neverland, Shield Hero, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War. All strong contenders that could easily net Anime of the Year, even at this early stage. I know that’s a bold statement, considering the strong line-up that it’s coming this year. Anime in 2019 is definitely looking bright.

Earlier last year, I had the opportunity to review the first volume of Kaguya-sama: Love is War—which I greatly enjoyed. The main characters are very likable, the story can be relatable, and the comedy and character interactions felt natural, too. I was more than happy to dive in into the later volumes, especially with the series getting an anime announcement.

The story revolves Kaguya and Miyuki who are the leaders of their prestigious academy’s student council – the elite of the elite in other words. However, both Kaguya and Miyuki have fallen in love, but their pride impedes them from admitting their feelings to each other, so instead, they start a daily scheming to get the object of their affection to confess their romantic feelings first.

The later volumes are no different than the first, if not, I would say they are better, as they showed a lot of character progression as well as good relationship development among all of the characters. There wasn’t a chapter where I couldn’t stop smiling. The following volumes, save a few chapters, retain the episodic formula and keeps count of who won each confrontation, with some having inconclusive endings due to snags, or a tie. However, some chapters include other characters into the fray, like Shirogane’s little sister, for example. Each chapter reference one another, and some chapters are a direct continuation of the previous ones. 

Volume 2 and 3 maintain the same carefreeness from the first volume—plain good ol' fun among the student council, with little story development, but a lot of entertainment and a lot of personality within the characters. Chika really does shine. While it might be immensely infantile from my end, one of my favorite chapters was when Chika was trying to get Kaguya to say the word "wiener." These volumes are a good dive into the fun side of these characters. Additionally, unless it's not going completely in order, it seems like the anime skipped a few chapters from these volumes. 

While volumes 4 and 5 maintain the same fun energy, it takes a more serious dive into character development, especially Kaguya's and Miyuki's relationship. Additionally, the chapters seem to be more connected as well, starting with the chapter where Kaguya gets sick due to being soaking wet due to standing too long under the rain. Later on, the student council plays a game to decide who is going to visit Kaguya, in which Miyuki Shirogane wins. However, due to being sick, Kaguya is acting loopy and not like her usual self. She drags Miyuki into her bed and they end up sleeping together, with clothes on, of course, with the following chapters continuing that portion of the story. However, my ultimate favorite chapter so far is the fireworks festival one—it really shows how much of a caring character Miyuki can be and the lengths he goes for Kaguya. While it's obvious he's doing it because of his crush on her, it was still pretty cute.  

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