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Ever since emerging myself into the wonderful world of Anime and Manga, I’ve being a fan of many sports series such as Hajime no IppoCaptain TsubasaSlam Dunk, and Prince of Tennis. One of my recent favorites has to be Kuroko’s Basketball as there’s special charm that keeps you engaged throughout the series.

If I have to describe the show in a few words, Kuroko’s Basketball is basically Dragon Ball Z mixed with basketball. While the players don’t really have super powers, their plays—especially in the anime—are very dynamic, almost looking as if it was an attack from Dragon Ball Z.

Before reading Extra Game, I would definitely recommend reading the original series first as it provides all the basics that one is always looking forward to in a sport series—Nakama bonding, a competitive environment, character development, and exaggerated gameplay that always keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Like your usual sport series, it starts off with the protagonist having a goal. In Kuroko’s case, he wanted to beat his former Teiko Junior High teammates—The Generation of Miracles—who dispersed to different high schools to rival each other. Kuroko not agreeing with their way of basketball, which involved arrogance and putting other players down due to them being extraordinary players, he also joined their rivalry and made it his goal to beat them and put them in the right path of basketball—Kuroko’s way of basketball. (Hence the series' title and its alternative title: The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays)

Kuroko alongside his team, Seirin High School, faced many victories and defeats, which they learned from and made them better players. During the series’ last championship—the Winter Cup—they faced the Generation of Miracles and their respective high schools and emerged victorious. After the Winter Cup, while still remaining rivals, the Generation of Miracles reverted to their old middle school days when they played for the love of the sport.

A couple of months after the main series has ended, Tadatoshi Fujimaki released its continuation called Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game which features Kuroko and Kagami alongside the Generation of Miracles working together as Team Vorpal Swords aiming to beat Team Jabberwock, a street American Basketball team composed of  Nash Gold and Jason Silver, who have extraordinary talents that surpasses the Generation of Miracles, as well as other three nameless players who are on the same level as the former Teiko players.

The arc starts off with Jabberwock playing against Team Strky, a team composed of recently graduated third years from Shutoku, Too, Rakuzan, Kaijo and Yosen. After Jabberwock defeated Strky by a landslide, Jabberwock insulted Strky and as well as the entire country of Japan by stating that they are monkeys and they have no right playing Basketball.

As that kind of person that really gets involved and engaged with stories, seeing Team Strky get humiliated made me feel a bit hopeless, as if I was part of that setting. I can't say that their arrogance and their need to insult Japanese players really affected me, but it made me dislike the characters from the start. While it may sound contradicting, in cases like Kuroko's Basketball, I consider giving me a good reason to dislike the antagonist a good way to get myself engaged in a story. 

Kagetora offended (as well as the rest of Japan, of course), it drove him to form Team Vorpal Swords and scheduled a game against Jabberwock for the following week. As a result, Kagetora had to pay for their expenses as well.

Ever since the original series started, I always wondered how well can the Generation of Miracles fare with American players, especially a team that has beaten some professional NBA players. As soon as I read that, I was already expecting them to get crushed, of course, to a much lesser extend compared to Team Strky.

Overall, this first chapter was a good introduction on the new set of antagonists. While I think addressing Japan as “monkeys” went too far, and it gave me enough reason to immediately despise the characters, it was still a good way on showing their personalities and more reason to root for Team Vorpal Swords once the game started.

Whether its a battle series, sports series or any series that features competition, I consider it important that the antagonists are shown destroying the protagonists' comrades as a way to tease their abilities and power. It may be cliche, but Fujimaki pulled it off right. With Team Strky being annihilated by Jabberwock despite Strky being composed of highly skilled players, plus the insults, it made the anticipation of the main match even harder. 

The best part of the chapter was the ending, where all seven players, being Kuroko, Kagami and the rest of the Generation of Miracles met up in the gymnasium to train, as it felt like it was a throwback to their former Teiko days—before they turned arrogant and showed comradery. It was definitely one my favorite arcs in the series. While Kagami wasn’t part of Teiko of course, seeing him with the Generation of Miracles was good fan service. 

If you're a fan of the original series and was left with the need of more content, I would definitely recommend that you read Extra Game. The first chapter so far starts off well featuring the Dream Team we wanted to see since the series ended.  Naturally, as stated above, before reading Extra Game, it is imperative that you watch or read the original Kuroko's Basketball series. 

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