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Anime Weekend Atlanta - day three

And I'm finally back home with a report on the last day of Anime Weekend Atlanta (a day late since I went to bed quickly after getting home Sunday). Things quieted down a bit as otaku went on their ways back home in a downpour, but there wa...


Anime Weekend Atlanta - day two

It's been another busy and rainy day at Anime Weekend Atlanta, but it was anything but dreary inside the Cobb Galleria as Saturdays usually bring the highest attendance of the con. The day started off with a Funimation industry panel and...


Anime Weekend Atlanta - day one

Good evening from Anime Weekend Atlanta! It's been a fun (and somewhat tiring) first day here so I'm back in the hotel room a bit early to hopefully get more than a few hours of sleep tonight. The bigger and better Artists' Alley The day ...


Hi from Anime Weekend Atlanta

Hello from down here in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm here with my harem of catgirls (...I wish) at the Renaissance Waverly hotel and Cobb Galleria for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009 (with my trusty Eee PC 1000H not using the $14.95 a day hotel wireles...


Sakura Tange returns to anime in Animal Detectives Kirumins

The seiyuu most responsible for making me into an otaku is coming back to anime this fall. Sakura Tange, best known as Sakura-chan of Cardcaptor Sakura (I have all the Japanese manga, all R1 DVDs, and more than a few figures), had stopped s...


Jason carves a wooden Mio with a chainsaw

   Famous slasher Jason from Friday the 13th has apparently traded in his machete for a chainsaw to produce wood carvings (nicknamed "Mokkoroids") of our favorite anime and game characters. Jason-san's most recent work ...


Toro Station takes a shot at Endless Eight

Every now and then (and sometimes more often), some anime or manga reference is made in Mainichi Issho's daily news program, Toro Station, most often by the black cat, Kuro, a self-proclaimed otaku and Nico Nico Douga premium member. In tod...


Third season of Hidamari Sketch announced!

As you can tell by looking at my profile icon, I'm a huge fan of Ume's Aoki 4-koma manga Hidamari Sketch. So when I read the news today about a third season of the anime, Hidamari Sketch x 3 Stars, being announced at the TBS Anime Festa, I ...


Aya Hirano didn't like Endless Eight either

Watching the never-ending Endless Eight was hard for us, and it was hard for the voice of Haruhi, Aya Hirano, as well. She said she was really surprised when she found out that she would basically be doing the same act 8 times over, with th...


Untan! Untan! with K-ON! castanets

And the K-ON! merchandising continues, starting with K-ON! castanets so you can untan yourself crazy for only 840 yen. To compliment the castanets are a tamborine and Ritsu drumsticks for 1,260 yen each. Finishing up are Mio and Azu-nyan it...


Hello Kitty goes moe at Comiket

Hello Kitty is popular the world over (my sisters and I were frequent visitors to the Sanrio store that used to be at the local mall), but now, Sanrio seems to be making a push to introduce the brand to a new audience with plenty of money t...


University of Georgia math professor teaches origami

I'm sure many of you out there have made cranes and frogs using the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, origami, but you might not have thought about the math behind it. University of Georgia math professor Robert Rumely has been tea...


Basquash! director replaced, staff shuffled

I really should have expected this. Satelight's 3rd studio has a history of rushed schedules and directors running away among other things, which has resulted in such acclaimed works of anime as Kiss Dum. I thought this time with Basquash! ...


Director Yutaka Yamamoto writing novel for Animage

"Not at the level of director" director Yutaka Yamamoto (yes, that's him in the photo above) of Lucky Star and Kannagi is going to write a novel serialization as part of Animage's 28th anniversary. The novel is titled "Einsatz" (from the Ge...


Gonzo misses expectations, posts 3.4 billion yen loss

Gonzo has reported its finances for the year ending this March, and the results aren't pretty. Even though earnings rose year over year, Gonzo posted a much larger loss than expected of 3.4 billion yen for the previous fiscal year, continui...


Hanamaru Kindergarten anime coming from Gainax

There had been reports that Yuto's Hanamaru Kindergarten would be getting an anime adaptation by J.C. Staff last year, but since then nothing more had been heard. Now, the newest issue of Young Gangan has an official announcement of an anim...


SMAP's Tsuyoshi Kusanagi arrested for public indecency

The ridiculously popular Japanese boy band SMAP needs no introduction, as most of you have probably heard at least one of their chart topping songs like "Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" somewhere or another. SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is ...


Those with pure hearts can watch a new Dream C Club trailer

I don't believe for a second that anybody that's interested in this game has a pure heart, but putting that aside for now. Some of you might have heard of D3Publisher's Dream C Club for XBox360 before because of the resemblance some of th...


'Big Friends' shut down official Pretty Cure BBS

As we all know, the Pretty Cure series of fighting magical girls anime is pretty popular among its primary audience of young girls. It also happens to be popular among a different sort of viewer — guys my age, a lot of them hardcore o...


Console war moefication P.S. Three-san gets a drama CD

The PlayStation 3 has had a rough time of it so far in this round of the console wars — no matter how hard it tries it can't beat the Wii or the XBox 360. An artist named IKa has turned the unlucky PS3, its rivals, and its predecessor...


Idolmaster in my Tales of Hearts?!

Yes, Bandai-Namco, Idolmaster is a huge franchise (at least among otaku), but do you really have to put in references to it everywhere? We already knew Jade, Lloyd, and Judas from the "Tales of" series would be making cameo appearances as h...


Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008: Day One

After going to Baltimore last month for Otakon, this time it was a short one-hour trip from home in Athens to Atlanta, Georgia with a group of friends in the "Yuffiemobile" for the start of the 14th edition of Anime Weekend Atlanta on Frida...


Shugo Chara! gets another season!

The anime adaptation of PEACH-PIT's Shugo Chara! has apparently been getting good ratings among both its target audience of young girls and the older ooki na otomodachi ("Big Friends" who watch children's shows), good enough to merit a whol...


New Negima! OVA preview; could this time actually be good?

A preview of Mahou Sensei Negima! Shiroki Tsubasa -ALA ALBA-, the third try at a Negima! anime, is now available on Kodansha's website for the OAD (Original Animation DVD) project. As I mentioned before, Negima! fans have been waiting for...


Lolikonnichi wa again! Kodomo no Jikan 2nd season announced

Lolikonnichi wa! (greeting) Kaworu Watashiya's Kodomo no Jikan caused just a bit of a stir last year, with the anime being given the "nice boat." treatment from some channels (and censored just a bit on the channels it did show on), but ...


Bandai Visual USA confirms Sola (but you'll pay up for it)

Following yesterday's news, Bandai Visual USA has confirmed they have licensed Sola in a press release outlining the release details and pricing. The first volume of Sola, set to be released on June 10, will include 3 episodes (subtitles on...


Everybody, U-U-umauma

A cut of Mai and Mii-tan from Popotan dancing + a song called Caramelldansen from the Swedish group Caramell sped up and looped + part of the lyrics that sound like "u u umauma" = the beginning of one of the currently popular me...


Hanamaru no jikan, more loli than the original

It's yet another parody of the Kodomo no Jikan ending, but this time even more loli, starring the characters from Hanamaru Kindergarten by Yuuto (don't say anything about seeing pantsu...). Those of you that have seen Pani Poni Dash! migh...


16-bit Miku Hatsune Sings Final Fantasy Classics

Miku Hatsune producer and pixel artist ceres (author's site) has put together a series of videos on Nico Nico Douga featuring the first Vocaloid in 16-bit form singing some classic tunes from the Super Nintendo Final Fantasy games. Miku's...


Baby Princess: 19 sisters just for you, onii-chan

Bishoujo magazine Dengeki G's, which brought you Futakoi and Strawberry Panic!, has revealed its next major project, Baby Princess. And you thought Sister Princess was more than enough for you, onii-chan -- how about 19 sisters, ranging in ...


2ch helps design new Union Jack

Once again, the very creative neets netizens of 2ch come to the help of the international community, this time the United Kingdom. During a debate in the House of Commons, a Labour MP argued for including the symbol of Wales, the Red Dragon...


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