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Happy July 4th! photo

Celebrate July 4th with some US Navy ship girls!

It's AMERICA day today, and you know what's pretty cool and American? The United States Navy! And you know what cool American thing is grossly underrepresented in Kantai Collection, everyone's favorite strategy game  featuring moe...


Yakuza: Dead Souls is the most American game ever

But only if you true patriots order the game at Gamestop!  If you do fork over some pre-order cash at your local American videogame mega-chain, you'll get the "Densetsu Pack" DLC ("Densetsu" means "Legend" in Americanese), which contai...


U.S. military goes kawaii with a new manga - wait, what?

I think the people trying to reach today's youth have finally gone off the deep end. In an effort to be hip, the United States military is putting out a manga called Our Alliance - A Lasting Partnership. The manga will teach young Japanese ...

 from  japanator

Happy Fourth of July from Americanator

Well, we should have seen this coming. Americanator, Japanator's conjoined twin, separated at birth only to rear its ugly head upon April Fools' Day, has sent out an e-mail to the Jtor staff wishing us a Happy Fourth of July. They've also s...


X-Men to cross-over with Twilight franchise

It is a rule, universally acknowledged, that every franchise with an ounce of supernatural activity MUST cross-over with the X-Men at some point. While Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga may incite crazy squealing fans to disrupt comic book co...


Incarnate, the greatest American comic ever

Greetings, fellow Americans. Even if you don't live in America, I'm sure you're pretty envious of us, right? I bet you're especially envious of our phenomenal selection of true American comics. Not those sissy, pretty-boy, wide-eyed Japanes...


America's hottest men: a gallery of muscles and more

This whole thing about liking pale, semi-anorexic Japanese dudes who have hair like my grandmother has been a total waste of my time. Thankfully, I've come to my senses. After recording the podcast a few nights back, the fog in my brain sta...


Americanator recommends: GQ

A little more than a year ago, fellow Americanator writer Yankee Blue Jeans turned me on to the magazine Esquire. He loved the great articles on food, fashion and foxy femmes. So, after coming home from one convention or another, I took the...


Dramaddict: Glee

Hello there, America. I know you love your television and I know you don't have time to read, you came on here to find out about something to watch on your TV and that is what you'll get here on my new feature: DRAMADDICT!You'll get a ro...


Americanator Travel Guide: New York City

Oh my, how did I get here?! What is this "inter-net"? The young buck who stepped out of his Time-Machine told me it is "a series of tubes", but I still don't understand why I should be writing a travel guide for a plumbi...


Hot Chick of the Week: The ladies of Brooks Brothers

We here at Americanator love women. Good strong, healthy and beautiful American women. So what better way to celebrate them than to highlight some of the most attractive and powerful women in the world.Taken straight from the pages of the B...


Americanator AM: USA FTW!

Fellow Americans, We here at Americanator share your passion for everything U, S, and A. So that's why we've made this special 30 minute podcast hosted by yours truly, Jake Beck.In this very special and very pro-America podcast, we will cov...


Weekly Geek Debate: Batman vs. Superman

Time to settle it, America. The one battle for supremacy that is never settled: The Dark Knight vs. The Man of Steel.On one side, we have the Last Son of Krypton: the man who was sent from his dying homeworld as a baby to Earth, and was ins...


James Van Der Beek ordered to pay ex $7,750 a month

[Editor's note: In case you haven't figured it out yet, this was an April Fools post, and I had been impersonating Ron Burgandy. Nothing to see here, move along.]James Van Der... Van DERRR, am I saying that right? Van Der Beek.. Okay t...


Americanator recommends: Jersey Shore

As a resident of the great Garden State, I frequent a place known to many as "The Jersey Shore." You might even consider where I live to be a part of that section. For many years, the New Jersey shoreline has been misrepresented i...


Vexing Videos: Glenn Beck Edition

America, our nation is in crisis. Every day we lose more and more of our freedoms to Obama's socialist regime. Indeed, our very way of life is under attack by Nazis, Communists, and their evil Progressive spawn. In this dark time, who can w...


Congress Bans Everything

On Thursday, April 1st, the "Protect Everyone from Everything Bill" was signed into law. While this law will effect the legality of all forms of media and entertainment- such as movies, television, radio, theater, music, the visua...


Confessions 19: President Barack Obama

Here at Americanator: The Yankee's Companion, we hate President Barack Obama for being a Muslim socialist alien nazi...or at least, we're supposed to. I have to admit, once I found out that he bowls about as well as I do, I started to feel ...

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Americanator's Hot music video feature of the week

This week, as always, we have the hottest in American music, performed by your favorite groups. The selection for this week is unbelievably good. One listen and you'll understand why it's an American chart topper. It's a great song, and it ...


America: The Gallery!

Do you know what the greatest country on Earth is? America, of course! Because all of us here at Americanator love our wonderful nation, we've put together a full day's worth of posts paying tribute to the awesomeness of America. That's rig...


Americanator Recommends: Steak, dry aged

Ahh, steak. Meat in its most simple form. Muscle cut from an animal and thrown over fire until it's just barely safely edible. How American can you get? For the full experience, we recommend Dry Aged Steak. The set storage temperature lets ...


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CRYSTAR"Welcome to Purgatory"


Millennium Actress (Remastered) "A Millennium Journey"


KILL la KILL -IF"The Clothes Make The Fans"


Pokémon Detective Pikachu"Detective Pikachu Is On The Case! "


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (NS)" Control the Arisen On The Go"


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy"The Ace Attorney Arrives On Modern Platforms"


Tokyo School Life"A Crazy Trip To Japan"


The World Next Door"A Journey To A Parelell World"


Disgaea 5 Complete (PC)"Another Disgaea Entry Enters PC Gaming"


The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince"A Beautiful Game with Lackluster Puzzles"


The Complete Art of Fullmetal Alchemist"Includes Illustrations & Artwork From 2001 through 2017"


Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms"A beautiful tale about immortality"


Batman Ninja Blu-Ray Set"Travel to the Feudal Era"


Ponyo 10th Anniversary"Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea"


Sound Of The Sky Blu-Ray Set"Moe Girls in the Military"


Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light Remastered"The King of Games is Back in Theaters!"


Yuri!!! on Ice Blu-Ray Set"We Call Everything on the Ice 'Love'"


Akiba's Trip: The Animation"More disappointing than I expected it to be"


Keijo!!!!!!!! Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set"IN MY DREAM, LET'S FIGHTING!"


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection "Epic fights but lackluster story"