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Kick off the month of July with an Atlus PSN sale

Tired of having nothing to do as you are trying to avoid the harsh summer heat? Well, Atlus is here to help, since the PSN is taking 50% off select Atlus titles until July 31st. To those that have been meaning to randomly jump into a series...


Go West! Week Twenty-One: Robotic Alchemists

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the one and only Go West!, the weekly videogame column in which you watch Elliot struggle to keep his sanity as he dives deep into the heart of Japanese games. This week we have a lot of ground to cover, with...


Go West! Week Twenty: My Pokemans, let me show you them

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Go West!, your favorite column for your weekly dose of Elliot playing and talking about games so you don't have to!  This week sees a scattering of game releases across all the consoles, with two very bi...


UnchainBlades ReXX going west, getting more sensible name

Here's some news that should tickle folks who fancy weird JRPGs (Hi Elliot!): The masters of proactive niche game licensing at XSEED have gotten proactive on a new niche game, namely the hilariously named UnchainBlades ReXX, a PSP JRPG whos...


PSA: PlayStation Network Store to go down in Korea

Now yes, I know this site is called "Japanator", which would nominally keep Korean news off our radar - not until we launch our peninsular offshoot "Joseonator", anyway - but I'd think this news is significant enough to put up. Sony will be...


Go West! Week Nineteen: Time to make history

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of Go West!, your weekly column about Japanese games, stupidity and Idea Factory. This week has a couple of releases that I know you folks are excited about.  Super Monkey Ball! Oh, and s...


Final Fantasy III coming to the PSP for some odd reason

I'm really not sure what Square Enix is thinking with this one. On September 20, SE will be releasing a port of the Nintendo DS/iOS version of Final Fantasy III, with a couple of interesting new features. Of course the game will be in  ...


Go West! Week Eighteen: Welcome to the jungle

E3 is done and over with. While your milage may vary in terms of whether you were disappointed (me), or if you thought it was the greatest thing sliced bread, most people seem to agree that there was a lack of Japanese presence at the show....


Go West! Week Seventeen: Guilds of beautiful men

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to the one and only (occasionally late) Go West!, the weekly column about Japanese video games that you may never get the chance to play! Week seventeen is unfortunately a slow one, with little in the way ...


Henshin! Rider Generations 2 shows off its cosmic mind

Considering how far Fourze is at the moment, I was not too surprised to hear that all 40 Astro Switches are going to appear in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generations 2. Besides having access to Fourze's four States, you will be able to mix and ...


Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater Extend's not just HD, but 3D

It's not just up to the live concerts and the PS Vita's AR gadgetry to help Miku's presence brighten up the grim reality of three-dimensional life. Sega has taken it upon itself to go at least a little ways towards making your 3D TV worthwh...


Go West! Week Sixteen: El psy congroo

Welcome back to Go West!, your one stop for info about all the best Japanese releases of the week. We've entered the sixteenth entry of this column as of today. Do you readers know what that means? Absolutely nothing. Well, except that Orei...


New Kenshin game unsheathes its first set of screenshots

After losing a one on one duel against the man formerly known as Battosai the man-slayer, I have finally been able to obtain some more information related to Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story Saisen. While the s...


Go West! Week Fifteen: Tales of eternal punishment

Long time no see, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to Go West!, your weekly update on the latest import games out of Japan. Where the hell have I been these past two weeks you ask? Fair question! If you follow my twitter, you'll probably ...


Imageepoch's Sol Trigger gets delayed

About a week ago, Imageepoch's upcoming PSP RPG Sol Trigger got smacked with a release date; August 30th. This week, it gets smacked with a delay pushing it back to October 4th. Huh? Yeah, I'm as confused as you are. I could understand if t...


Gundam Age video game to evolve into two versions

I think we have found the answer to why Level-5 has taken their sweet time with the upcoming Gundam Age game for the PSP. It turns out that they are taking the Pokémon route by releasing two versions of the game in the form of Univer...


Nayuta no Kiseki shows off three minutes of delicious fun

I think I am in need of some serious help right now, because I am getting more envious of Elliot every time a new trailer for Nayuta no Kiseki pops up. Now that we are seeing more gameplay footage on how the action segm...


Imageepoch JRPG Sol Trigger gets a Japanese release date

A few months back, Imageepoch announced their final PSP game, Sol Trigger. Supposedly their biggest budget title up until now, Imageepoch has been pushing the game as the last truly epic RPG on the system. Whether that's the case remains to...


Hiten Mitsurugi Style, Kenshin gets a new game for PSP!

It has been two years since we read about a Rurouni Kenshin game unsheathing its sword on the PSP. Two years have passed since then, and the wandering swordsman is ready wander his way back to the PSP for a new game that is set to come out ...


Grand Knights History English release gets canned

I wish I didn't have to deliver this heart breaking news, but someone has got to do it. XSEED Games has officially announced that their planned localization of the beautiful Vanillaware RPG Grand Knights History has been canceled. They cite...


Go West! Week Fourteen: Exploding suns and baby making

Welcome to the one and only Go West!, in which I ramble to you about games you might never get to play! Huzzah! This week sees nearly every genre get some representation. I never thought I'd see the day in which I got to cover a game about ...


Behold, the latest trailer for Persona 2 PSP

I know, you might be thinking, "Josh, you fool, Persona 2: Innocent Sin is already on PSP! Old news is old!" That may be true, but this spiffy new trailer is for Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP, which is not yet out. You could say it is ...


Nayuta no Kiseki's environments look amazingly pretty

Oh Elliot, you don't know how envious I am of you right now. Nayuta no Kiseki shows off its areas, and they look impressive for a PSP title.  There is something nice about the architecture and structure that was shown today. At the to...


Rider Generations 2 is ready to count up its screenshots

It's only been six days since we found out that there are plans to make a sequel to All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation, and the game has used its belt to transform into a series of screenshots that will take down any evil organization. ...


Accel World getting games, coming with OVAs

These days it's only right that an anime about a fake video game finally get its own, real video game, and Namco Bandai isn't about to let its currently airing series Accel World down. In fact, Accel World is getting two gam...


Danganronpa is headed to iOS and Android in May

Spike Chunsoft's crazy adventure game for the PSP, Danganronpa, will be making an appearance on iOS and Android devices this May. The game is going to be split into separate episodes, with the prologue and first chapter being free and every...


Sequel Rider Kick! New Rider Generation game is announced

Get you belts ready, because All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation is getting a sequel that is going to come out this summer for the DS and the PSP. One of the best parts of this announcement is that PSP owners will have the chance to experienc...


The king of heroes to be playable in Fate/Extra CCC

You know, it's been a while since we kept tabs on the new installment of the Fate/Extra series. Last time we heard from it was when we were told about the lovely figure that comes in the Virgin White Box for Fate/Extra CCC. We are aware tha...


Corpse Party OVA comes bundled with the latest game

You may have not have noticed, but a lot of us folk here at Japanator really dig Corpse Party, so it makes the news that we are actually getting an animated OVA all the sweeter. The drawback is that you'll need to purchase the limited editi...


Newest Kiseki game is set to be an ARPG? Huzzah!

I'm sure some of you are sick and tired of me going on about Falcom's Kiseki/Trails series, but I can't get enough of it! July 26 will see the Japanese release of the latest game, Nayuta no Kiseki, for the PSP. Up until pretty recently, the...


Get 'em here, fresh screens of Bakemonogatari PSP

Making random-ass PSP adaptations of your favorite late-night anime shows is all the rage for publishers looking to make a quick buck in the game industry, and nothing is safe, not even talking-and-harem-building anime like Bakemonogatari. ...


Want Class of Heroes 2 in English? Kickstart it!

Ahhh, Kickstarter. Ever since DoubleFine games hit it big drumming up support for a new adventure game, developers with all manner of interesting ideas have been approaching the crowd, hats in hand. The latest pair to walk up are MonkeyPaw ...


A bunch of Atlus PSN games are on sale, buy 'em

Confession time! Though I own a PS Vita, I actually don't have any Atlus games loaded on it, despite the fact that Atlus has one of the best presences on the platform due to their excellent PSP lineup. The reason for that is because most of...


Conception gets the manga it always deserved

My prayers have been answered! Conception: Please Have My Baby, that crazy game about having babies and forcing them to fight monsters, is getting a manga! Scheduled to run in Dengeki Maou starting March 27, the manga will serve as a preque...


Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei Version has a new long trailer

I seriously think that the Super Robot Wars series might hold the record for longest game trailers these days. Every video the development team releases is some ridiculously lengthy video filled with explosions and more hot blood than I can...


Conception teaches us where virtual babies come from

To be honest, this one slipped out my wacky radar's view. Conception: Please Deliver My Child, from Spike, has a very unique story. Basically you start out just graduating high school when your cousin comes to you with some news: she's preg...


Rumor: Record of Agarest War spin-off coming to PSP

Record of Agarest War is technically a strategy RPG. But let's be honest, people don't play it for its mechanics. They play it because of the "Soul Breed" dating sim, where the protagonist romances one of several cute girls until they make ...


Persona 2 Eternal Punishment's first trailer is relieving

Madhouse's animation for Eternal Punishment is taking form in the first trailer shown. I see nothing punishing about the game's first footage, all I see is animation that brings relief to any Persona fan.  Persona 2 Eternal Punish...


First Bakemonogatari Portable commercial tells us nothing

Banpresto is making Bakemonogatari Portable for PSP, despite the fact that the anime it's based on is almost entirely talking. This first trailer shows some 3D versions of the characters, but otherwise gives no indication as to wh...


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