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Jtor AM 30: A Farewell to Bickering

It's the last episode of Jtor AM -- at least in this incarnation -- so we spend half of it arguing about astronomy...as you do. Somewhere in between telling each other to Check our Planetude, we still find the time to discuss all our favori...

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Jtor AM 29: Mocking Objectivism With Friends

This week, Tim continues his strange vendetta against Canadians, while the rest of the cast tries to make sense of the increasingly incomprehensible The Irregular At Magic High School. In other news, Hase from One Week Friends is missing an...

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Jtor AM 27: Are they going to school with ghosts?

This week, some staff members who shall remain nameless would rather have a Game of Thrones podcast then talk about silly Japanese cartoons all day. But alas, we are Japanator, not DaenerysTargaryenator, so we must persevere through a ...

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Jtor AM 26: All those horrible shows you love

This week's show is longer than usual because we discuss pretty much every show that exists. Join Tim "I think this show is stupid and you're stupid for liking it," Sheehy, Ben "I'm too nice to say you're stupid but I'll just judge you sile...

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Jtor AM 25: A date with a coffee maker

This week, I learned that Love Live, Data A Live, and Love Lab are actually three completely different shows, making this quite possibly the most educational episode of the podcast that we've ever recorded. However, this episode isn't mere ...

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Jtor AM 24: Introducing The Custodian

To add some spice to this episode, I try to stir up drama by plotting a seed of disagreement about Space Dandy between Ben and Tim; however, instead of having a big fight, they both cordially agree that their levels of admiration and respec...

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Jtor AM 23: It's possible Raku's hit his head more than once

This week the crew -- with the help of special guest, site founder Brad Rice -- tackles dubbed preview clips of debatable quality, the art style for the new Sailor Moon anime, quasi-erotic manga billboard controversies, and why NISA can dub...

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Jtor AM 22: Reaching the summit

Friends, otaku, countrymen: we stand on the precipice of a new age in Japanese animated entertainment. Now that Super Sonico The Animation has produced the world's first objectively perfect anime episode, where do we go from here? Will prod...

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Jtor AM 21: Do you like colors?

Question: Am I bad luck? Because as Tim and I realized this week, whenever I ask for something to happen in an anime, it never ever happens, even if it would be self-evidently awesome and the writers are nuts for not going with it. Why can'...

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Jtor AM 20: One Piece, Prattle and Balderdash

Thanks to this week's Wizard Barristers, Tim and I have learned that Boston is actually in California; I bet all those people who signed up for PAX East are in for a rude awakening in the spring. However, due to the show's blatant disregard...

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Jtor AM 19: So cool I'm gonna put my dog in a video game

Are you tired of short, wimpy podcasts that run out of juice before you're even halfway done with your morning commute? Well then, you should love this economy-sized episode of Jtor AM, filled to the brim with spirited discussion of all the...

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Jtor AM 18: A Certain Strategic Backstabbing

Greetings, listeners! This was a fine week to be watching Kill La Kill if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Or maybe you don't, and you're like, "What is this Kill La Kill thing they keep talking about on my favorite podcast?", in w...

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Jtor AM 17: The Great Super Sonico Debate

Having missed the last two episodes of the podcast, I have plenty to say this time around, and Tim does his part by always disagreeing with me on general principle. However, I'm going to call out his reluctance to refer to that one male cop...

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Jtor AM 16: A major scoop on the Major

I was still nursing a cold and sore throat while this was recorded, while Brittany was apparently off sacrificing small children to the horror gods (it needs to be done before next Walpurgisnacht, don't ask), so Tim, Ben and L.B. handled th...

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Jtor AM 15: Magic court is scary

Tim took over hosting duties while I was away, but don't listen to the shameless lie he feeds you at the beginning of this episode: I was NOT snowboarding. I was skiing, which is completely different! Skiers are graceful athletes who deftly...

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Jtor AM 14: Manga licensing conspiracy theories

Brittany couldn't be with us this week, so we had to up the horror quotient of the podcast by talking about the Lovecraftian abomination that is Super Sonico's default outfit. In other news, we're skeptical of any and all Sailor Moon announ...

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Jtor AM 13: Back and Dandy

After a refreshing holiday break, the Jtor AM podcast is back for a new cour-- and you can tell it's all-new, since Tim and Ben are arguing about the animation quality in Space Dandy instead of Kill La Kill. This week's slate of important t...

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Jtor AM 12: Listener Questions are Truly Outrageous

Somehow, we managed to have both Ben and Brittany on the podcast at the same time without the universe spontaneously exploding...unless of course the universe did explode, and I'm talking to you all from some kind of mystical afterlife righ...

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Jtor AM: Ask us questions!

How did we get all the way to Jtor AM Episode 12 without asking for listener questions? I have no idea; I'm going to have to tag everyone involved, myself included, with critical narcissism failure. Seriously, since the news is a little lig...

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Jtor AM 11: Subtlety is not your strength

This week, Ben's too busy being someone else's Valvrave therapist to join us (traitor!), so Brittany Vincent jumps into to the fray. Then the two of us have fun discussing everything that's wrong with the conclusion of Diabolik Lovers....

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Jtor AM Episode 10: Why is Koto on the moon?

What time is it, everybody? GOLDEN TIME!!! Actually it isn't, it's time for the latest episode of Jtor AM, but Golden Time is involved, so it's kind of true. This week: the Toonami people try to get us hyped about a new anime from the creat...

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Jtor AM 9: Supernatural Monkey Flying People

In return for Ben kindly volunteering to be my official Valvrave: The Liberator therapist, this week I decide to pay him back by becoming his official Samurai Flamenco therapist. Unfortunately for Ben, he's a much better therapist than...

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Jtor AM Episode 8: We must not fear office supplies

The most important thing you need to know about this week's Jtor AM is that Ben has become my official Valvrave therapist; if you want your own Valvrave therapist, you're just going to have to find someone else, because I've got him booked ...

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Jtor AM 7: VHS tapes are sad

This week, my dreams come true as Brittany joins the podcast and I finally get to talk about Diabolik Lovers. Ben apparently decided to have some kind of a life and couldn't join us this time, but it's probably just as well, since hearing u...

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Jtor AM Episode 6: Flamenco Girl and Cantaloupe Rider

As per usual, this week we discuss all the exciting news in the world of anime: Viz continues to expand, Crunchyroll is dominating the market One Piece at a time, something clearly financial in nature happened at some point, and the Girls U...

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Jtor AM Episode 5: Get your anime beer at the Simulpub

This week, Tim is too hung over to even care about dubbed Space Dandy, which makes him pretty darn hung over. In fact, in this listless state, he's like the natural enemy of Sal "OMG I'm so psyched I'm so psyched!" G-Rodiles, but unfor...

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Jtor AM Episode 4: Ben, Ace Attorney

If you've ever wanted to know exactly how to pronounce "Salvador G-Rodiles," boy is this the podcast for you. We spend some time discussing the latest Phoenix Right game, the strange puzzle of Becky Cruel's internet existence, and the fact ...

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Jtor AM Episode 3: A little restraint would be nice

We start off this episode without Ben (since he was apparently too busy conducting a ritual burning of all of his Bakemonogatari merchandise to participate), but he joins us by the time we get to Samurai Flamenco, which is all that really m...

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Jtor AM Episode 2: Two Frames Per Second

It's not even a week after our first episode, and here's another installment of Jtor AM! I would say that this is a reward for being good boys and girls, but I'll bet that some of you have been watching bad dating sim adaptations, so maybe ...

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Jtor AM Episode 1: Back in Red and Black

What else can I say: the Japanator podcast is back. Myself, Tim, Ben and Sal sat down to talk about anime and video game news, the fall anime roster, and whether or not koala bears are deserving of love and adoration or complete and tota...


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