Insert Coin Clothing shows off their Persona 4 range


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Anyone that has played Persona 4 will know that every day is great when you shop at Junes. The store that had become the HQ for the Investigation Team now has an official wearable merch courtesy of Insert Coin Clothing. Insert Coin Clothing is an online video game apparel store that design all their own merchandise based off video game properties that are licenced to them. In the past they have worked with Rare (Goldeneye), Capcom (Devil May Cry), Sega (Shenmue, Sonic the Hedgehog), and Ubisoft (Assassins Creed). 

Their latest collection is based off the enhanced portable remake Persona 4 Golden that was released in 2012. There is a nice selection of clothing types here from the varsity jackets of Yasogami High, to leggings proudly displaying the various Arcana used throughout the series. Although with the latter you may be confused with a Satanist if you wore it in public. I've been a fan of Insert Coin Clothing ever since their sponsorship with Rooster Teeth and bought a few of their tees. All of their stuff are designed to give a nod to the series without being in your face about their video game roots.

I can vouch for the high quality of their clothes as they come with a high price tag. This is due to the extremely limited run on each design. Unless they're popular it is unlikely there will be a reprint or a second version made. Those on the fence about the price may want to bookmark the site or follow the company via their social media channels. In the holidays or during major gaming events they will run big discounts on any remaining stock they have before it gets retired. 

Is anyone interested in picking up a tee or two? I have to say the Yasogami High Varsity Jacket is very tempting and I'm sure the Chie jacket will be perfect for cosplayers desiring accuracy.

[Via Insert Coin Clothing]

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