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Being a bunch of renaissance humans, we here at Japanator were well aware that a certain pair of British people getting married today is kind of a big thing.

Eager to exploit this sudden surge in popularity for various things British we rushed to devote our top resources to putting something together, in honor of THE ROYAL WEDDING OF PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATHERINE MIDDLETON.

With those fully-optimized search terms are inserted into this post, we present to you, dear readers, a list of ten of our favorite British anime characters.

10.) Gentle Chapman (Mobile Fighter G Gundam) 

This representative of Neo-England and pilot of the fearsome Royal Gundam is a true paragon of all things Neo-English. Honor, tea, refinement, and top-class Gundam pugilism propelled this gentlemanly chap (see what I did there?) to the top of the Gundam Fight Tournament.

Sadly, his loss to Master Asia of Neo-Hong Kong signaled his downfall. By the time he faced Domon Kasshu in single combat, he was but an aging man clinging to his fading glory, relying on his wife to confuse opponents and allow him time to strike dishonorably from the fog.

9.) Index Librorum Prohibitorum (A Certain Magical Index)

Her name might be Latin, but she carries a passport from the UK, and that's jolly good enough for this list!

But beyond a mere passport, Index holds much more importance to the crown that even she might realize. After all, she holds over a hundred thousand forbidden magical texts in her blue-haired, ever-hungry head, making her the most moe repository of esoteric knowledge in the magical world. And she holds allegiance to that most beloved of Henry VIII's stunts, the Church of England.

So long as she continues to serve for queen, country and tomorrow's lunch, she's as British as British Apple Pie.

8.) Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima)

What's more British than a vampire? A lot, but this one's a British vampire, and likely a Scot at that. Turned back in the fourteenth century, during the Hundred Years' War, Miss Evangeline Athanasia Katherine "Kitty" McDowell's a centuries-young icon of vampirism, magical ability, and gothic lolita fashion.

7.) Ana Coppola (Strawberry Marshmallow)

One might think that a proper English lady forgetting how to speak English might be a slight upon her Englishness, but Miss Coppola aptly displays classic British worldliness and adaptability. Yes, her Japanese friends are often awed by her depth of knowledge about all things Japanese. The best British Japanese person around? You bet! 

6.) The Dylandy Twins (Gundam 00)

Many often forget that "the UK" is actually the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". Much to the ire of non-English Brits, pretty much everyone in Japan calls British people "English". Thus it's important every so often to grant the world of Japanese cartoons the occasional example of a man from The Emerald Isle.

In this case, it's men, namely the twins Neil and Lyle Dylandy. They're not just hot and Irish, but also Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being, holding the codename of "Lockon Stratos". Eat your heart out, Farrell, these guys have giant robots.

5.) Yomiko Readman (Read or Die)

Who better to protect the crown than its most talented librarian? No one, that's who. Yomiko Readman is Agent Paper, and puts her skills to work magically manipulating paper to all manner of needed tasks, as assigned by both the British Library and her unhealthy obsession with reading.

4.) Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

No one ever said that a demon couldn't a butler, and if anyone did say it, it's highly unlikely they had the ability to back that declaration up. So goes the story of Sebastian Michaelis, the top-tier English butler of Earl Ciel Phantomhive. From making tea to looking fabulous to killing things to petting kittens, Sebastian can do anything, because he's a hell of a butler.

3.) Cecilia Alcott (Infinite Stratos)

In the world of Infinite Stratos, women are the pride of any nation, for it is they and their lack of a Y chromosome that move the world's most powerful (and sexy) weapons systems. Not even the home isles are exempt to this universal rule, and in the United Kingdom, Cecilia Alcott is queen of Her Majesty's IS force. Piloting her personal unit "Blue Tears", she performs the double duty of protecting the crown and trying to get into the pants after some hard-headed Japanese boy.

2.) Mari Makinami Illustrious (Evangelion 2.22)

Leave it to Great Britain to produce works of greatness, for Miss Illustrious is perhaps the greatest work of Evangelion fan service in existence. And I'm not referring to the mere leering camera angles or unsubtle flashes of underwear that pass for such in other pabulum. Mari's the ultimate refinement of what it means to serve the fan. She's a potent collection of moe attributes wrapped in the mystery of the Evangelion reboot's unknowable master plan, voiced by Maaya Sakamoto and named after a World War II aircraft carrier.

She's also the only character in any Evangelion ever who actually seems happy to be piloting one of the giant biomechanical beasts. That alone makes her a more interesting character than the main cast, at least in the eyes of this jaded fan.

1.) Saber (Fate/Stay Night)

We've talked a lot in this feature about protecting the crown, honoring the crown, being loyal to the crown, and exemplifying the virtues that make up the crown.

Well, Saber is the crown. Kneel before your king!

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