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Macross and cosplay... two of the most awesome things in the universe. Bring them together, and what do you get? Pure, epic deculture, that's what.

This post is the result of hours spent slogging through the bowels of the intertubes, searching for Macross cosplay. After much blood, sweat, toil and tears, I invite you to enjoy the very best of what I found. Ten pictures are embedded below the break, and even more can be found in the gallery. Enjoy!

Yack deculture!

10. Britai

After looking at an endless stream of mediocre Sheryl and Ranka cosplays for three hours, I stumbled across this little beauty by Ryuji Akagi. Sure, his costume isn't the best-crafted I've ever seen... but having the creativity to come up with a Britai cosplay, instead of merely another generic one, more than makes up for it.

9. Milia Jenius

IchigoKitty demonstrates just how sexy a Meltlandi can be, especially in a skintight pilot's jumpsuit. Maximilian is one lucky guy...

8. Sheryl Nome

Wakame (NSFW) is one of the most prolific Sheryl cosplayers out there. She manages to model almost every outfit Sheryl wears in the show... and has the curves to match.

7. Sheryl (Diamond Crevasse)

Sheryl's tearful rendition of "Diamond Crevasse" in "Bye-Bye Sheryl" was one of the most poignant scenes in Macross Frontier. Ibara (NSFW), modeling the dress Sheryl wore in that episode, manages to capture that sorrowful mood fairly well in this cosplay.

6. Ranka Lee

This cosplay by Kousaka Yun (NSFW) has everything going for it: a cute girl, a well-crafted outfit, a superb plushie cellphone prop... and the best rendition of Ranka's hair I have ever seen in 3-D. Whoever did the hairstyling for this pic, you are AWESOME.

5. Bobby Margot

Everybody's favorite flamboyant homosexual is back, and his hair is crazier than ever! I'm not sure how much hair gel Sephy used for this getup, but I suspect the amount would have made even Al Gore cringe.

4. Sharon Apple

Sure, Sharon might be a batsh*t insane AI with hypnotic abilities... but, as this picture featuring AngelicStar proves, she doesn't need any special powers to make men fall under her spell.

By the way, those legs DO go all the way up. I checked.

3. Alto Saotome

Alto is here to steal your hearts, ladies! Given that he's usually cosplayed by women, it's kind of nice to see a guy do Alto for once. Great job, PrinceMark!

2. Alto and Sheryl

This speculative cosplay by Memphis and Bellatrix shows Alto and Sheryl hooking up. Is this the stuff of fanfics, or could it actually happen? And what would Ranka say?

Also, I want that Valkyrie model.

1. Macronized and Micronized Klan Klan

This double-whammy features Mirromaru as the Zentradi-sized Klan Klan (not to scale) and Tham as her micronized loli counterpart. Both costumes are superbly crafted, and both girls are quite cute. Two thumbs WAY up!

As I mentioned earlier, more pictures of each of these cosplays can be found in the gallery below. So, which one did you like the best?



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