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Ero-guro at its craziest

When the landscape of western horror simply isn't extreme enough for you, you need another way to satisfy your cravings. Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers may be enough to terrify the masses, but you're looking for something a little more exotic, right? Lucky for you, the land that brought you your favorite anime series is rife with decidedly more disturbing offerings. We bring you JapanaTerror, a weekly rendezvous with the disgusting and the depraved. Whether it's anime, manga, film, or a novel, you'll find something of value to disturb and delight. We'll cover everything, from bizarre body horror to the craziest thrill rides we can find. Pull those covers tight and lock the doors, because you're about to be haunted.

Title: Panorama of Hell
Author: Hideshi Hino
Published: Blast Books
Released: 1993

I'm going to be honest -- Hideshi Hino's Panorama of Hell isn't terrifying. It isn't likely to scare you in any conventional way. In fact, some of its illustrations are more humorous than anything. But look a little closer at this ero-guro classic, and it's clear that this is the kind of horror that creeps under your skin slowly, etching its way into your psyche. These are visions you never want to see in your lifetime -- gruesome nightmares yanked straight from Hell itself. It's a tortuous, painful look at the way a particularly disturbed man lives from day to day, as well as his surroundings and how they shape him. 

A painter obsessed with blood drains his own in buckets to use in his "artwork." He revels in his foul habits, drinking hydrochloric acid each morning so he can vomit blood clots later. The extremes this book goes to so it can better illustrate the bleakness and raw insanity of what's going on down in Hell are engaging. If you've never been down this type of road before, you're going to feel downright uncomfortable as you turn the pages. For everyone else though, it's hypnotic in a way you just don't see in Western horror -- or anything else for that matter. 

The inhabitants of Hell suffer regularly, but also seem to take some sot of masochistic pleasure in it all as well. Though the characters are put through sadistic tortures and many other unsettling situations, some of them still appear to be in favorable moods. It's such a macabre sight you can't look away. The images I've chosen for this feature simply don't do it justice, either -- but it's largely NSFW, so I encourage you to seek it out on you own. 

This type of work is what makes Hideshi Hino one of my favorite horror artists. Panorama of Hell is jam-packed with the same kind of brutal and surreal illustrations you'll find in the rest of his body of work, so if you like what you see you should absolutely go check out some more. This one should tide you over for now, if you're a fan of bizarro fiction, as it will embed itself in your mind for months to come- I promise.

Just don't go painting pictures for me in your own blood as thanks for introducing you to it or anything, because that would be weird. 

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