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Much darker than Madoka Magica. Really.

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Title: Mahou Shoujo Site
Author: Sato Kentaro
Published: Akita Shoten/Champion Tap!
Released: 2013

So, we all laud Puella Magi Madoka Magica for taking the cutesy magical girl series and guiding it down a darker path, right? It's a great series. I wouldn't change anything about it. But a recent ongoing manga series, Mahou Shoujo Site, takes everything we think is "dark" about Madoka and slices it open with a vacant, empty grin on its face. And then it takes away everything and everyone we love. 

I actually have a friend of mine to thank for introducing me to this series. Without Cassandra's tweets I may never have found it to do a JapanaTerror column on, so everyone pop over to Twitter and send her a thanks.
But now, down to the good stuff. Mahou Shoujo Site is a morbid take on the world of magical girls, following a young girl named Aya Asagiri as she's tortured and sexually abused by her older brother, mercilessly bullied by her classmates, and treated like a nuisance and a weirdo by her family. Aya finds herself wishing for death each day, but it never comes. One fateful day, she stumbles upon a ghastly website that promises to give her magical power. Aya accepts, as anyone in her position would, and is sent a "magical stick."

Hers is a gnarly-looking gun with a heart on it that does some serious damage, which she tries out as soon as she's harassed the next day. It makes mincemeat out of the bullies, and attracts another "magical girl" with powers bestowed to her by the website. It turns out these massively powerful "sticks" are draining the girls' life force little by little. How to stop it? What's going to happen to them? 

Unfortunately, the comic is still in its infancy, so the bigger picture has yet to be revealed. What's clear now, however, is that Mahou Shoujo Site shows no intention of lightening up. And I'm ready to be taken on a bumpy ride. 

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