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Learn fun facts about the French Mangaka!

Being the big otaku that I am, I'm always open-minded to expand my horizons and check out any manga, to the point that I expanded to manhwa and manhua which are Korean and Chinese "manga," respectively. One of my favorites has to be Tower of God, which personally I would put above many istanbul escort manga series. Earlier this year, I stumbled upon the existence of Radiant. What istanbul escort caught my attention the most aside from the plot was the fact that it was made by a French author. I really escort istanbul made me want to check it out but unfortunately, the series wasn't gonna officially come out until September. Finally, the first volume came out, and I really loved it. 

Being a fan in the making of Radiant, I was so happy that I was able to meet him and get him to sign the exclusive NYCC postcard, the poster, and my manga volume. I wish it occurred to me to ask him if he minded taking a picture, however. 

If you're a huge fan of the anime and have yet to check out the manga, make sure to check out Radiant's official site which has the series available digitally and physically. Volume 2 will be releasing on November 13th. 

Christian Chiok: What were some of your favorite manga and anime during your childhood?

Tony Valente: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball. I also loved Ranma ½ a lot...

CC: What manga series are you currently reading? What is your favorite current-running series? What is your favorite manga of all time?

TV: Since I discovered One Piece, it has always been my most favorite manga! As for more recent manga, I enjoy My Hero Academia a LOT! I also read Silver Spoon, Vinland Saga, One-Punch Man, Berserk, The Promised Neverland, Yotsuba, and... A lot of other things that I forgot. But every time I get a new One Piece, it’s the most exciting thing for me. It’s the same when I go back to the first volumes of Dragon Ball or Naruto.

CC: What inspired you to make a manga-format series instead of a western comic or graphic novel?

TV: Actually, I’ve made both of them: I started doing French comics, Radiant is my tenth book and my fourth series. I’ve tried to do western comics, more specifically what we call "bande dessinée" (big format comics, around 50 colored pages) which I really love reading... But I guess my stories don’t fit this format very well. I’ve read more manga than anything else since I was a kid, so I didn’t really choose to write that way. I forced myself to create western comics at first and then I let that go and did what was really my calling: manga.

CC: What series inspired you to make Radiant? Which mangaka (or comic artist) do you consider an inspiration to your work?

TV: There’s three of them: Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece. I think that if I never read any of them Radiant would not exist. Many other series impacted my work: Fullmetal Alchemist for example, which I adore, and Ranma ½  as I mentioned earlier, but the manga that pushed me to do it are the three Shonen Jump mega successes that we know. But there are also many things not related to manga or anime that inspired Radiant. The core of my universe is crafted on European folklore, a bit of fairy tales, some European history events and characters that I transformed to fit in this world, some fantasy novels, and also world news. The way I tell my stories is definitely inspired by manga, but the things that nourish this story are not. 

CC: VIZ Media recently released the first volume of Radiant in English. How excited were you that other parts of the world get to enjoy your series?

TV: I’m always excited whenever a new country publishes it! I think VIZ Media is the seventh publisher to have it, but definitely the biggest! I hope the series will continue on in those countries as long as it’s published in France, I hope the new readers will enjoy it.

CC: How excited are you to finally see Radiant in anime form? 

TV: If someone told me that five years ago when the manga started, I would never have believed it! Having an anime was never a goal to be honest because it seemed too impossible to reach... So it’s very surprising. This story will probably reach more people thanks to the anime, so that’s an incredible opportunity for me!!

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