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Japanator Exclusive: A few questions with CRYSTAR's Fuyuki Hayashi & RIUICHI


Learn about how CRYSTAR came to be

Even though it's due out on console and PC on August 27., you'd be forgiven for not knowing what the deal is with CRYSTAR, Spike Chunsoft's new JRPG.

That's because it was developed by what right now is the lesser-known team at FURYU, including Producer/Director Fuyuki Hayashi and character designer RIUICHI. Thankfully, I had a chance to speak to both of them about their careers and the game itself at this year's Anime Expo!

Christian Chiok: CRYSTAR is being developed by a lesser known game company. What will the game offer which will catch the interest of JRPG fans in the west?

Fuyuki Hayashi: I think JRPG fans like the genre because of the unique theme it offers. As for CRYSTAR, its theme reolves around tears.

CC: What inspired the story of CRYSTAR?

FH: It’s inspired by all sorts of things, but the most important thing is what I have experienced in my own life. The story is about killing your sister, but I haven’t killed my sister (haha). It’s also inspired by things I love like Kanon (Key visual novel) and Drakenguard. I love Yoko Taro’s games.

CC: What kind of game elements does the game offer that different from other Action JRPGs?

FH: The battle sequences and battle parts are set on the afterworld/purgatory. The enemies you fight in purgatory will leave a mental scar/torments into the player. You will be able to purify these torments by crying in your room. By crying, the main character goes through spiritual growth and since purgatory is spiritual, she grows stronger by crying. A unique aspect is that tears not only affect the game’s designs and visuals, but it also works into the game mechanics.

CC: What are some of your favorite JRPGs series or video game franchises, if different?

FH: The Drakengard and Shin Megami Tensei series.

CC: Who is your favorite character in the game?

FH: Since I’m the creator of the game, I love all my characters equally but If I had to pick one, I love Thelema—the main character’s dog. I really like her, and you can pet the dog, too!

CC: What was your experience making character designs for a video game and working with the development team?

RIUICHI: I originally started with abstract art and my medium was oil paintings. With CRYSTAR, I had to adapt my style to be more appealing to more people, and had some difficulties transitioning to drawing the beautiful girls presented in this game. I really had fun working with the development team.

CC: What advice do you have for aspiring artists that wishes to make character designs for a video game some day?

R: Fight! (Fight-o)

CC: What inspired you to become an artist? Who are some of your favorite artists?

R: I started to draw since I was young and was inspired by Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter and Fist of the North Star. My favorite artist is Final Fantasy’s Yoshitaka Amano.

CC: What are your closing thoughts that you would like to share about the game?

FH: I’m looking forward to the game’s western release. On our social media, a lot of fans have been very supportive. I hope it’s well received and I’m looking forward to everyone enjoying the game.

R:  I’m very happy that western fans are seeing my art. Please enjoy the game and play it until the very end.

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