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Japanator Exclusive: An Interview with Too Kyo Games' Kotaro Uchikoshi


From Pepsiman to Too Kyo Games

Kotaro Uchikoshi is a legend among Japanese game designers. A director and writer best known for his visual novel and adventure game work - particularly the Infinity and Zero Escape series - Uchikoshi was an institution at veteran publisher Spike Chunsoft. He also wrote the concept for the anime series The Girl in Twilight. As of last year, though, he's gone indie, forming Too Kyo Games alongside Danganronpa series luminaries Kazutaka Kodaka and Masufumi Takada

And there are few signs he's stopping, with directing work under his belt for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES at Spike Chunsoft and writing for two new projects at Too Kyo. I was lucky to catch up with this busy guy at this year's Anime Expo, and we got to discussing his work, and what to expect next!

Christian Chiok: Starting as a 3D Modeler for Pepsiman, how would you describe your entire career in the video game industry from that point until now?

Kotaro Uchikoshi: There has been sake, women, men and tears.

CC: Some of the ideas of Punch Line are so over the top, such as if “Yuta sees a girl’s panties twice in a row then the earth will be destroyed by a meteor.” What are your inspirations to come up with ideas like that?

KU: In the beginning, his plan was the opposite⁠—if he didn’t see any panties, then humanity would be destroyed. The final idea came up during the planning stages as a collective idea during the production of the anime.

CC: With both the anime and the games available in the west, are there any plans to localize the manga for western audiences?

KU: It’s not a decision I can make so I can’t really say anything about that.

CC: What are some of your favorite Visual Novels?

KU: Danganrnonpa, Higurashi, and Banshe’s Last Cry.

CC: Which title in the Zero Escape series is your favorite/are you most proud of?

KU: I like all of them but if I had to choose one then right now my favorite one is Virtue's Last Reward I may have said Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors was my favorite at some point, however.

CC: Will there be any more games in the Zero Escape series or is Zero Time Dilemma the finale?

KU: If the fans desire it, there’s always a possibility.

CC: What kind of gameplay can we expect from AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES?

KU: The game will feature two different worlds, the Real World and the Insomnia world, In the real world, you will do real world investigations, and in the dream world, you will do outer world things you can’t do in the real world. 

CC: How has your experience been working with Too Kyo Games compared to Spike Chunsoft?

KU: Too Kyo Games is a small company so there is a lot of freedom on what we can do. However, because we are small, things can feel underwhelming. With Spike Chunosft, because it’s a bigger studio, there’s less risk of failing.

CC: What kind of gameplay can we expect from Death March Club?

KU: I''m sorry...I really go into details but this game features a different flavor from past Kodaka and Uchikoshi titles. It's going to be super fun so please look forward to it!

CC:Do you have any other works in the future after AI: Somnium Files that we can look forward to?

KU: Yes. But I can't really go into detail right now. I'm really sorry but please wait for more information.

Considering the similarities in both of your respective franchises, and the fact that you are now coworkers, how is your relationship with Kazutaka Kodaka? 

KU: Our relationship, now that we work on the same company, he treats me like his slave and forces me to do chores, like lick his toe and lick the toilet, so I got two choicesؙ —I quit or he kills me.

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