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Blassreiter is one of those anime that was released during the wrong season. In a season saturated with great titles like Soul Eater, The Tower of Druaga, Kure-nai, and Kaiba, there was hardly any breathing room for this bad boy. It was even graced with an official broadcast on Crunchyroll, and even then it seemed to disappear in the ocean of anime releases.

Today I will help drudge up this action packed show from the depths of obscurity. Let’s see, this show has a lot going for it. Extremely nice animation, fantastic fight choreography, mechanized suits, motorcycles, light sabers, and grim dark; all that exciting stuff that real men eat up. If I made you excited read more after the jump.

Wait, I know why you probably haven’t watched this show, it’s the CG isn’t it? Yes I know, CG sucks, burn their houses down, ect. Do not worry, the CG in this show isn’t bad at all. The good thing about it is that it’s mostly used during fight scenes; so the characters are moving so fast that you don’t really notice it at all. The rest of the anime consists of everyday standard animation, so everything will be alright.   

The story on the other hand is really just average, it won’t wow you at the end of the day. However, it won’t make you put it down and stop watching, because it if full of unexpected events that makes you giggle with glee, or cry like a little girl. Blassreiter also has some pretty cool secondary characters. Most anime only have one sniper character, but this one has two!

Another thing that sets this anime apart, is that it doesn’t take place in Japan, but in Germany. An outbreak of mechanical zombies called “Demoniacs” who have the ability to fuse with any kind of technology, like a car or a gun, have begun appearing all around a small town in Germany. Lucky for them, there are a team of experts that exist to wipe them off the map, named XAT. XAT can’t defeat them alone, good thing there is also a mysterious Demoniac on a motorcycle that’s helping out the good guys; think Kamen Rider.

The single thing that really turns me on about this anime is the fight chorography. It’s all about movement, running, jumping, flying, never standing still. I definitely wasn’t expecting this when I started to watch this show. What kept me watching Blassreiter was the way it kept me on my toes. Meaning, you can’t predict what (specifically) happens in this show; unless you are some kind of soothsayer.  

What can I say, this is a generic action show, but a very entertaining one at that. This won’t teach you how to play chess, or make you appreciate your mother’s cooking more; no, this anime will teach you how to jump off a motorcycle in mid-drive, and cut a monster in half with your foot light saber. Not to mention this might be the closest thing to a Kamen Rider anime out on the market yet. So watch it online, or pickup the DVDs when FUNimation release them sometime in 2009.

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