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Sweet and Savory Christmas

[TokyoTreat provided the box and the reviewer has an affiliate partnership with TokyoTreat]

One of my favorite activities is where I venture to the local asian supermarkets to pick up some snacks and candy to satiate my craving for treats from asia. A good portion of the stuff I pick up is your standard otaku food pickup: Pocky, Hi-chew, Japanese chips, and sometimes Ramune. But the markets that would carry decent selections are more than half an hour away and way out of the way from where I live. I can only imagine those poor souls that don't even have asian supermarkets within an hour from them.

Thankfully, we live in an age where we can order stuff over the internet and subscription services that will send us cool stuff for a good price. I've tried a few of these said services but I've never tried it with anything edible until now. I had the chance to try out TokyoTreat, a subscription based service that brings you the most premium Japanese snacks and candies to your door every month.

TokyoTreat has you covered with treats from sweet, salty, and even sour! TokyoTreat is based in Japan and works to bring you some limited edition snacks that are seldom seen outside Japan, if at all. You've probably seen anime where characters talk about limited edition or regional stuff and TokyoTreat works with manufacturers and distributors directly to bring you the fresh stuff that won't sitting in shipping containers for month until it gets to you.

I was able to sample their box from Christmas, their December 2016 premium box and was impressed with the variety with 18 items (varies by month and box tier). Though I found that the sweet stuff slightly outnumbered the savory stuff but then realized that it was fine, with the box being Christmas themed and I associate the holiday more with sweet food. That meiji chocolate was amazing and I ate in like a minute while edited the video below.

I felt that the premium box provided good value for its price since most import food will often have higher markups, especially products from Japan and will vary in availability. Doing some rough estimations of how much these items would be priced at my local stores and comparing with TokyoTreat's premium box, TokyoTreat was cheaper and more convenient with being shipped to your doorstep for free in a timely manner. If you are the type to even spend a lot on Japanese snacks and candy, you may want to take a look at TokyoTreat.

More in-depth details over at TokyoTreat.

Check out the video below for a look at the contents and a bit more of my thoughts.

Use the code "JAPANATOR" to get $3 off your first order of the Premium box! Free shipping included! 

There are three tiers for TokyoTreat: Small, Regular, and Premium. Check out the images below to get an idea of what each package might look like:

More details at the TokyoTreat site (Don't forget to use the code "Japanator")!

Small - About 5-7 full sized Japanese candy and snacks (note: There were two of those red things on the right but I are one LOL)

Regular  - About 10-12 full sized Japanese candy and snacks with DIY candy

Premium - About 16-18 full sized Japanese candy and snacks with DIY candy, special item, and drink.

Use the code "JAPANATOR" to get $3 off your first order of the Premium box! Free shipping included! 

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