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As much as I love looking at hot girls, I surprisingly don't touch hentai or eroge all that much. But when Ero Week rolled around, I didn't want to be left out of the festivities, so I figured I could contribute something that everyone is sure to love: a totally authoritative list of the top ten hottest girls in Japanese video games, so authoritative that there would be no need to debate the topic ever again in the history of the Internet because I'm a total expert. Then the higher-ups informed me that lots and lots of girls read Japanator too, so instead of leaving them out, I figured I'd strain the limits of my sexuality and try to come up with the ten hottest guys as well. Then for good measure, I ran those by Crystal, who helpfully informed me things like "most girls don't like guys who look as girly as they do."

And so we come to this list, which I had to struggle not to just fill up with Alex Vance from Half-life 2 over and over again because she's ineligible. Yes, these are only characters from Japanese video games, so no manly Western games allowed. Furthermore, to head off at least some of your cries over people left out, this is a list of hottest characters, not cutest or prettiest or most beautiful. We're looking for those spicy-hot qualities that give you folks a boner (or lady-boner). Since pretty much all girls from visual novels are more cute than hot, they're completely absent from the list. Sorry! I'm sure you can make your own "Top Ten Cutest Girls" list in the cblogs and rage about how no one should ever forget to mention your waifu.

So without further ado, let's dive right in, with girls and guys mixed together and hotties listed in no particular order. Ladies first!

Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers, Night Warriors, Vampire Savior)

Starting off with a bang, right? Capcom's sexy succubus brings the sensual seduction from Capcom's eternally-neglected fighting game series Darkstalkers. (You know, that series that isn't Street Fighter.) In fact, Morrigan is so popular that many people know of her sultry looks who have never touched a Darkstalkers game. It probably helps that if there's a Capcom Vs. game being made, Morrigan always gets in. The batwings coming out of her head might be a little strange, but they've got some kinky appeal when sitting atop Morrigan's luscious curves.

Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

Why are people always going on about that imitator Cloud when the original's where it's at? Long before that headcase tried to take over his life, Zack Fair was wielding the buster sword and getting all the girls. Hell, the only reason Aerith liked Cloud was because he was cribbing Zack's style! It goes beyond physical differences, like Zack's slicked-back hair style and stronger build. Zack exudes conviction and actually knows how to smile. It makes you wonder why anyone would settle for a knock-off when - oh right, he's dead. Well, you can always pick up Crisis Core and live in the past!

Rise Kujikawa (Shin Meagmi Tensei: Persona 4)

One of the biggest appeals of the latter-day Persona games is hooking up your main character with a plethora of girls. In the case of Persona 4, Chie is too butch, Yukiko is too shy, and who wants to go through a second playthrough for Naoto? There's really only one option for you to choose: Rise Kujikawa, the tantalizing former idol. Rise knows that she's got it going on, and she's not afraid to use it. Part of it's the big pigtails that flow down her face, but a lot of it comes from working that idol mojo that gained her legions of fans. Rise is proof that you can be cute and hot at the same time.

Raphael Sorel (Soulcalibur II, III, IV)

This French nobleman had a spectacular fall from grace. After being cast into exile from his family, running from the law, and fighting the villain Nightmare, he contracted some form of vampirism from his wounds, leading to his total descent into evil. It's that bad boy nature that gives him part of his appeal. Raphael has got a total package going on: sophisticated, confident, incredibly handsome, and a very snappy dresser. Now if only there was some way to deal with that whole vampire problem he's got...

Jam Kuradoberi (Guilty Gear X, XX)

So what if Jam has practically no bearing on the plot of Guilty Gear? That doesn't make her any less attractive! Jam is a spunky girl who, despite being a master chef, has bad luck achieving her dream of owning a restaurant. At least she's great at punching people! Jam's red and pink outfit really catches the eye, especially the disconnected sleeves, and her hula hoop haircut looks just hot enough to not be silly. Some may prefer I-No when it comes to sexy girls from this series, but those of a discerning taste would be glad to let Jam cook them dinner if it meant some eye candy to watch.

Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil 2, 4)

Where to begin? The toned body? The trendy haircut? The skill to fight of waves of the undead and parasitically-commanded humans? This guy's got it all. He may not have looked that great in his police uniform, but once he put on that bomber jacket, all the ladies started swooning. You know he'd take care of you too, since he spends a considerable amount of time protecting Ashley with his life. Now if only Leon was more outgoing towards the ladies - some fans question who Leon's really interested in.

Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

FFXIII was pretty bad. But you know which character was awesome? Well, besides Sazh? Lightning. This hottie had a take-no-prisoners approach to, well, everything. What was awesome about Lightning was that she managed to be strong-willed and taken seriously while also being absolutely gorgeous. Her outfit isn't skimpy at all, only showing off her legs, and yet she radiates sexiness wherever she goes. And her pink hair? That's like the cherry on top! She might not be the best character, but the marriage of bad-ass-ness and sexiness makes her amazingly hot. Let's hope that isn't diminished by what looks like skimpy armor in the sequel.

Ken Masters (Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter IV)

Most characters in Street Fighter are musclebound behemoths. But while he may have started off as a palette swap of his rival Ryu, Ken has since diverged into his own character with a slightly slimmer build, tempering the impact of his large muscles. His red gi begs for attention, and his winning smile is sure to have fans. It probably doesn't hurt that this handsome fighter is backed by a large fortune. He's basically got all the right moves to win you over.

Aya Brea (Parasite Eve 1 & 2)

God damn, is Aya hot. A member of the NYPD and later a special agent in Los Angeles, Aya is a tough gal capable of taking on tons of strange monsters. And she does it in style, looking foxy with that short blond hair of hers. She looks stunning whether she's in fancy gowns or tomboyish duds. And the cool thing is, Aya is perpetually stuck in her twenties due to [complicated plot stuff], so she's always going to be this hot. It's a little weird that she can "body swap" with other people in upcoming PSP game The 3rd Birthday, but at least she stays in that sexy body of hers.

Richter Belmont (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

I couldn't let a list of hot go by without including a Belmont, and Richter Belmont strikes a nice balance between effeminate beauty and manly awesomeness. One of the most powerful vampire hunters ever, Richter is amazingly sophisticated, even when he ends up possessed at one point. His aristocratic outfit is downright classy, even letting him get away with wearing heels. His rugged good are complemented by his flowing mane. And he's always carrying his whip around, which is pretty kinky. Richter is the man, and he knows it.

Ada Wong (Resident Evil 2, 4)

I checked with a few people about what video game girls they thought were hot, and one kept getting brought up: Ada Wong, the lovely double-agent. While her first appearance wasn't that glamorous on the original Playstation, she stole the show on the Gamecube in that slinky red-hot red dress of hers. She doesn't look bad in a tight-fitting spy outfit either. Really, there's no flaw I can find about Ada, she's just too hot. Leon doesn't seem to be going for her, so she's also quite single guys...

Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)

When I started working on the male half of this list, Balthier immediately sprang to mind. The dashing sky pirate is a suave mix of Han Solo and Jack Sparrow, speaking smooth lines with his sharp tongue. His striking face doesn't hurt much either. With a wry smile and a cocky swagger, he's easily leading man material. He steals the scene whenever he shows up. Really, the only question is why they didn't take out Vaan and replace him with a second Balthier.

Taki (Soul Edge, Soulcalibur 1, 2, 3, 4)

Of all the Soulcalibur characters, Taki is easily the hottest one in the cast. Maybe part of it is the skintight red jumpsuit she wears, defying the stealthy expectations of a ninja. Her armor is of the sexy kind that insists on not covering up anything that's fun to look at on her voluptuous body, including her generous chest. And while she could come across as cold, she has a dark humor to all of her taunts. Even when she's kicking your ass, it's very provocative to see her wrap her legs around your soon-to-be-lifeless body. And if anyone says fellow fighter Ivy deserves a spot on this list - you're wrong.

Raiden (Metal Gear Solid 2, 4)

Some might expect main character Solid Snake to make this list, and while he is pretty cool, I'd say he's a little too rough around the edges to be hot. (And the whole "rapid aging" thing means any enjoyment would quickly evaporate.) No, it's the bishonen Raiden, Snake's understudy, who makes this list. Able to fight with guns or his sword, Raiden is a skilled agent with a pretty face and a solid body to boot. Plus, he turns into an absolute bad-ass in MGS4, though I'd be hesitant of engaging with him at that point, due to his cyborg enhancements.

Sylvia Christel (No More Heroes 1, 2)

This lady's got the looks. In a game with several hot women, Travis Touchdown's mysterious contact is at the top. She's a constant flirt, teasing Travis with promises of sex, and who wouldn't want to get a piece of that? Sylvia's black and white ensemble includes a shirt unbuttoned dangerously low, showing off her black lacy bra and a short, tight miniskirt. In the second game, she seems to just be wearing a stylish coat! Plus, look at that seductive face. It's no wonder Travis would risk his life for a chance at a night with Sylvia.

Dante (Devil May Cry 1, 2, 3, 4)

No, we're not talking about that new Dante that looks like a heroin addict. This is the original, what would happen if you took a handsome Belmont from Castlevania and gave him a devil-may-care attitude. Whether wearing a shirt or not, that red trench coat looks damn stylish, and he even manages to pull off baggy pants. White hair is normally cause for concern, but the icy look complements Dante's cool demeanor. He's a bad-ass, plain and simple. It's just too bad he has no money to spend on the ladies.

Rikku (Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2)

To be clear, we're not talking about the younger version from the original game, but the awesomely hot version from the girl power sequel. This feisty babe is a bundle of energy, and when you have a body like that, who wouldn't? Rikku proudly displays her luscious body by wearing a revealing outfit; her top is nothing more than a bikini with some sleeves thrown on for good measure. Her miniskirt is dangerously short too, with her thong sticking out at the top. And her flowing hair is both messy and clean at the same time, bearing a bit of a surfer/punk mentality that's incredibly appealing.

Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 0, 1, Code: Veronica, 4, 5)

This dark double-double-agent used to work for Umbrella Corporation, but after some labyrinthine plot twists, it's questionable whether he's even human anymore. It doesn't matter though, because Wesker likes to work the bad boy angle, trading his old police uniform for black trench coats while retaining his stylish sunglasses. With superhuman strength, speed, and regeneration, Wesker's toned body is nigh invincible. But what really qualifies him for this list? It has to be his David Bowie-like voice and mannerisms. Wesker's sexiness will totally ensure complete vaginal saturation!

Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

This sexy witch has to make this list simply due to what she is: a representation of sexuality unleashed. Big boobs, a hot ass, a sensuous smile, and legs that go on forever, Bayonetta is defined by her lusciousness. She struts around on high heels - that are also guns - and attacks enemies with her hair, which is also what makes up her clothes, resulting in her becoming more naked as battles go on until she unleashes a demon in an orgasm of power. She might be a little (well, way) out of proportion, but screw it - I'm sure many of you would.

The King of All Cosmos (Katamari Damacy, We <3 Katamari, Beautiful Katamari, Katamari Forever)

Behold! Gaze upon his magnificance and tremble in awe! The King of All Cosmos is the hottest, most glorious man in any video game ever made. The King is the manliest of men and an exceptionally snappy dresser. He always refers to himself in the royal "we" and has the ability to summon royal rainbows. And not to mention the royal bulge... This list isn't ordered in any specific way, but if it was, the King would proudly sit atop the hottest guys list. And probably the hottest girls list. He's just that hot.

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