Japanese to English translation produces...Yiddish?


I've seen Google Translate turn out some pretty strange things, but I never expected it to start channeling my grandparents. Today I learned that some RPG hero is referred to as "kvetchy", a Yiddish word meaning whiny bitch. See, I've always known that spiky-haired protagonists spend way to much time kvetching like the meshuggeners they are, but it's so nice to see this confirmed by JAPAN.

To give you the proper context, I was looking up some information on Irisu Syndrome! Metsu, courtesy of Canned Dogs. My moonspeak skills are not good enough yet to read most Japanese websites, but I can usually glean a little more information in the form of names and dates, and other things that are easy to read. Naturally, I was getting nowhere with Irisu Syndrome! Metsu, so I decided to brave the terrors of direct translation. I still don't know a damned thing about the game, but I'm so happy I did!

Did you know that if you mix otaku slang with Yiddish, you basically start a new dialect? Like, "Oy, I don't know what those mangaka schlubs are thinking, making us schlep all this moe drek all the way to Comiket- that's some chutzpah that they've got! Those putzes just can't stop kvelling about this eroge schlock, and there isn't a mensch among them. At least we get to schmooze when we plotz near the yaoi tchotchkes and look at all the schlongs, eh?"

I figure that if I start doing this for a while, eventually it'll catch on and become like an improved version of ebonics- come to think of it, you can all expedite this process by speaking this way yourselves! This is my plan that I am telling you about; you don't want to disappoint me by ruining my plan, do you? Baka schlubs! 

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