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Saturdays at a convention are always the best day of the convention. You have the whole day to do everything that you want without a time limit of any sort. I mean, there is no need to go to work or school tomorrow, right? With that, Japan Expo had loads of stuff to do that I happen to be able to get to with the tight schedules that we have. 

There was a lot of things that I was personally looking forward to today like the Omatsuri performance, 1000say's concert, and especially Noriyuki Iwadare's band busting out some video game music live on stage. Let's get to it shall we?

First thing was first today and that was to hit the dealers floor to see what kind of action was out there. We ended up stopping at Crunchyroll's big orange both to talk with some fans on the live stream that was happening. Thank you to anyone that was on that to see us with cosplayers and eat snacks in front of you. Sorry to anyone if that made you hungry. They were really good except maybe the light version of Yakult. It was alright, but I would have rather had the regular one. Hey, all in the name of snacking I always say. I actually don't say that, but from here on out I will.

After the deep conversations with the fans online, I was ready to see some Japanese culture performed live on the Main Stage. This was fantastic to say the least. The taiko drummers were the ones that started the show with their wonderful drum pounding that gets the heart racing. Taiko is very moving for me so I enjoyed it a lot. Next up was the mochi pounding and some more taiko. Did you know that you can't make mochi with a rhythm? It's so that the two people, or more, that are pounding the steamed rice and turning it are in sync so that neither one gets hurt. It's a site to see once the drums start speeding up. Speaking of the drums, these guys were killing these drums. One flipped his stick out of his hands that flew way behind him. He just grabbed another pair and kept going. Another was pounding on the big one so hard it start to come off it's stand. Yet he never missed a beat when it was happening. Simply amazing! We end awa odori dancing that could get anyone up and wanting to dance with them.

Next up for me was the 1000say concert. 1000say has a sound that is not quite rock and not quite pop, but something in between that is quite nice to listen to. The whole band was energetic and all over the stage playing it up for their fans. At one point the lead guitarist jumped off stage into the crowd and ran around. It was pretty crazy. Up next was the Noriyuki Iwadare Band. We were in for a treat because this was the first time ever that they have played in front of a live audience. They went through a selection of game soundtracks from Phoenix Wright to Grandia to Lunar: The Silver Star Story. I had no idea how awesome these songs were until I heard them played live! And with the actual composer who made them. Iwadare also plays a mean keytar.

I do have to say that today was leaps and bounds better then yesterday with the amount of people, cosplay, and events happening. There was a line out the door this morning around the building and later on the main hall was packed with people all over the place. There was still plenty of room to walk around even if a person stops another for a cosplay photo. These isles are huge is all I'm saying. What will tomorrow bring? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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