Know of an awesome weapon? This guy has probably made it.


Burly blacksmith bends steel to his will

When I was younger, I wanted a Master Sword. Never mind that I'd never be able to travel from house to house and whack away at some bushes, I just wanted to have one to look at. When I got older and started attending conventions, I saw that somebody had started making dream weapons, but they looked pretty cheap, like they could fall apart if they were hung on a wall correctly.

Well, somebody clearly got tired of those crappy excuses for fandom and they enlisted somebody who knew what they were doing. Man at Arms, a popular Youtube show updated every other Monday, has Tony Swatton and his team of professional blacksmiths creating our favorite weapons from various games and shows. What's interesting is that Swatton narrates the entire process, talking about what works and what doesn't work while he's creating these works of art. Then, once the weapon is put together, they take it outside and chop stuff up.

In case you haven't seen this excellent show, hit the jump to see some of my favorite projects that Swatton has worked on.

Ichigo's Zangetsu, from Bleach

Considering the size of the OG Zangetsu, I didn't know that you could feasibly make this sword and have a single dude wield it. While you probably won't be able to spin it around by the wrap around the handle, Swatton and his team make it solid and, more importantly, light enough for one man to lift it and cut stuff. Always an important feature with a blade.


Cloud's Buster Sword, from Final Fantasy VII

Unfortunately, somethings have to stay in the realm of fantasy. There is no way that a single guy can swing the Buster Sword and not immediately fall over. At the very least, the Man at Arms team is able to create something that can be lifted, which is good enough in my book. When you consider the size of the blade and the sheer amount of solid metal involved, it's a miracle they were able to make it in their small-ish shop.


Sora's Keyblade, from Kingdom Hearts

What I like with this build is that they made the Keyblade way more dangerous. I've always envisioned the Keyblade as a bludgeon of sorts, as the crown at the head of the weapon usually doesn't have anedge. Swatton changes that and sharpens the points. You can bet that Sora and/or Riku will be tearing through Heartless with this enhancement!


Link's Master Sword, from The Legend of Zelda

Finally, I'll round this out with my dream weapon. As the Master Sword was Swatton's most requested build, he goes all out on it, calling in some help from fellow smiths and metal workers. In particular, I was impressed with how the hilt was put together. It required several molds before they could cast it with liquid bronze, a difficult process even before you consider the dangers involved with the final sand mold. Overall, it's my favorite build.


So, what do you think of Man at Arms? Are there any weapons that you'd like to see built?

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