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Korean otaku marries pillow

This is a true thing that actually happened.
I translated this from yesterday's (Belgian) newspaper:

"A Korean has married a pillow. And not just a pillow: a dakimakura, a Japanese "hugging pillow" which is rather popluar with teenagers(!). To make things even stranger: the pillow is illustrated with his favorite anime character Fate Testarossa from a show called Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.
Appearantly, the 28-year old Lee Jin-gyu is obsessed with the pillow, and even dressed it in a wedding dress for the short ceremony, which took place in Tokyo.
"He takes it everywhere," a friend tells, "They go to the park together, or to the carnival, where he takes it on all the attractions" The pillow even gets to go to restaurants with him, where it gets its own meal."

What. The. Hell.
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