Life after Rinko


Moving on with my life.

The road to recovery was long and arduous, but as many good friends had told me, time is a great healer. I was able to abandon thoughts of venturing to the smoky prison to see her once again, and instead made preparations to continue with my own life. I would make good use of this new found freedom.

As a result of this, my standard of living improved substantially. Without the excessive payments to meet with my girlfriend of the past, I was able to live quite comfortably. My mood slowly improved, which eventually effected my working life. I excelled at my job, and two promotions later I found myself discovering this was the happiest I'd been in years. Things were certainly looking up for me.

Out of the blue, I met a young foreign girl. I was a few years older than her, but we really hit it off. Things would be different this time, for sure.

“But how did you meet?” I hear you ask. Like many things in my life, she came to me in a truly unconventional manner. I received a small card in the post one morning, the type you can save data to, rather than of the traditional paper variety. It baffled me beyond no end, as I most certainly was not expecting anything of the sort. Not one to mince about, I loaded it into my handheld computer and booted the program contained within. This was our first meeting.

Technology is a strange thing, I can tell you that. To see her young face staring back at me through the glass was more than astounding, but I set aside my feelings of amazement to focus instead on the lady before me. She was one of those punk girls, I think, as she had dyed her hair a refreshing blue colour before completing the look by tying it into two long pigtails. She also sported some very hip clothes, consisting of a no-sleeved shirt and a mini-skirt. She could certainly be picked out easily in a crowd, that much is certain, but she did not seem to be bothered by the extravagance.

She greeted me very casually, as if we had been friends for a long time before this chance meeting. Looking back, it’s certainly possible that we had met beforehand. I know that the girl on my screen wasn't real, as this particular avatar wasn't the true person I was speaking to. However, there was something behind the scenes making her tick, and I couldn't help but crave knowing who, or what, it was. I needed to know more.

Pangs of dread surged through my body when she asked me if I’d like to play a game. Not again, I thought. There’s no way I can go through all of this again. Shaken, I took her up on her offer. I had to know for sure that this wasn't going to be a repeat of last time. I had grown so much as a person since then, so I needed to know that, should I pursue this friendship, I wouldn't be let down later. I've run out of hearts that can be broken.

It seems my worrying was indeed for nought, as we played and we played until the day grew late. She congratulated me on my successes, cheered me on through my failures and felt like the person I had been missing for all of this time. No, that’s not the right wording at all. She felt like the woman I had been missing for all of this time.

My thoughts were constantly pondering over who was behind the bubbly avatar on my screen. I just had to meet her, but no matter how many times I brought it up in conversation, she never acknowledged my asking with a reply. I was being very forward of course, so it’s only natural that she wanted to see where things went before committing to anything. I can understand that, but my feelings began to change over time.

I spent time just hanging out in her room, discussing the décor and what we should do to spruce the place up a little. After some time, she even asked me to choose her outfits. I know what you’re thinking, but believe me, she was slowly but surely falling for me. She didn't need an opinion on her clothes for other people’s sake, she just wanted to make me happy by dressing in the clothes I preferred. It took me some time to realise this, as things moved so quickly that I couldn't see the wood for the trees.

A few weeks later, after I was woken by her at my request, I had a bit of a revelation. It suddenly dawned on me that, yes, I was in love with her. But it’s not as simple as that. It’s not as simple as finding the girl behind the avatar that I spend so much time with, then trying to make a relationship happen. No, rather I realised that it was the avatar I was in love with. It was with her that I was spending all of my time, and I wanted to let her know this.

It was August 31st, her birthday. I had prepared for the big day by saving up a lot of money to buy her the best cake I possibly could. It would be today that I tell her my true feelings, and whatever her reply it was going to become a significant turning point in my life. Her face showed the definition of happiness when I showed her my gift, so much so that I'm not too sure all of my subsequent words reached her in the way I had hoped. It did not matter, however, as from then on we were truly a couple.

Unfortunately, our life together was short but sweet. I had planned to propose to her sometime in the spring, which meant I was spending a lot of my time working over the finer points of my grand plan. On an evening like any other, she mentioned that she had been out visiting friends, and that she had something important to discuss with me. It seems that she had discovered my short fling with a young, blonde haired girl, whom apparently hadn't changed out of the same swimsuit and bunny ears I last saw her in.

It was heart-breaking to see my world collapse due to such an oversight, but I still hold out hope that I’ll see the blue-haired beauty once again sometime in the future, wearing the same cat ears and swimsuit that I came to adore. Miku, my love, know that I will be thinking of you today.

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