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Hey, it's Thursday! That can only mean...wait, what? It's Thursday already? Oh dear! Well *ahem* right.

That means it's time for another installment of Listen Back! Where we, the staff, take a listen to what we've, er, been listening to this week.

This time around it's mostly single songs that have been blowing our skirts up. So hit that nasty jump and let's listen together and hold hands and open mouth kiss!

Colette Bennett

Susumu Hirasawa

Thinking of Satoshi Kon this week with his untimely passing actually got me listening to the Paranoia Agent and Paprika soundtrack...Baikai was one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard and has never gotten old for me.

Yuya Matsushita

I'm also on a hardcore Yuya Matsushita kick after falling in love with his closing OP song for Kuroshitsuji.

Bob Muir

Color Bottle
"Aoi Hana"

Watching through Casshern Sins for review (coming soon!), I always found myself looking forward to its opening, "Aoi Hana" by Color Bottle. Normally, if I'm marathoning a series, I eventually start skipping the opening and ending, having heard them far too many times, but this song was unique enough that I felt like listening every time it came up. I'm not sure if it was the Latin undertones, the jam feel, or what sounds like a Hammond B3 organ during the catchy chorus, but I found myself humming it whenever I wasn't watching it. The full version's fun solos make me tap my toes even more.

Tim Sheehy

One Ok Rock
Niche Syndrome

This album was the perfect way to mount a comeback after suffering from a little scandal last year. A former member was arrested for allegedly groping a woman, causing the band to cancel a nationwide tour. Needless to say, the band was quick to distance themselves and move on, and having heard this latest album, they really don't need to look back. So far, this has been their most successful release, with their single "Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer," having made the Oricon top ten, and their album peaking at #4 on the weekly charts. Make no mistake, they might have done well on the pop charts but they'll still rock your face off. Be sure to check out the PVs for "Lair" and "Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer" while you're at it.

Zac Bentz

"Tei Tei Tei"

This week I've been a little obsessed with finding video of the Polysics set from Rock in Japan 2010 which took place a few weeks ago. It was their first appearance since founding member and keyboardist Kayo left. She was always a favorite of mine, so hearing that she was leaving was a bit rough. So I've been excited to see what they'll be like as a three piece. So far there have only be a couple clips from the show, and nothing too reveling. I know they played a few brand new songs too and I'm dying to see them! *hint hint*

Anyway, this clip is "Tei Tei Tei" from RIJ2010. It's not really the best song to gauge what they will be like from here on out, but at least it's something.

Mike LeChevallier


Out of all of Miho Hatori's work with Gorillaz, it surprises most people when I tell them that her contribution that connects with me the most to this day is actually a b-side. Originally released as a Japan-only issue back in 2001, "Faust" can be found on the G Sides collection which offers up a batch of tracks that were cut from the first Gorillaz album. These songs are essentially hit or miss, but Miho Hatori's lovely duet with Damon Albarn loosely based on Doctor Faustus is an atmospheric win.

The aria is pretty much entirely in Japanese, with Noodle (Hatori) melodically chanting Shigoto no ato ni me ga sameru/ nani ka shinakucha/shigoto no ato ni for three verses while melancholy keyboard chimes, electronic touches and light percussion dance throughout the background. Everything ascends to the heavens when Albarn enters the fray in the climax, uniting the two incredibly singular voices to form a perfect union (It's time to wake up/after a hard day). It puzzles me as to why this song is not on Gorillaz, as it's easily better than "Starshine."

Josh Tolentino

Group Tamashii
"Tamashii no Sake"

I have to credit Nico Nico Douga for introducing me to Group Tamashii, namely through the magic of the MAD. In this case, a certain user likes to do fully custom-animated Persona videos cued to Group Tamashii songs. In this one, the casts of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 go drinking.

Alright, I admit it, I like Persona more than Group Tamashii itself, but the lyrics are funny and satirical.

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