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Time again to take a look at what we've been listening to for the past week here at Japanator HQ!

There's a pretty diverse line-up this week, from 8-bit to jazz to rock idols to...Inception?!

I guess you'll just have to join us after the break and try to figure this one out. Good luck!

Also, there is no Japanator HQ. Or is there? (No.)

Josh Tolentino


The flavor of the month for Nico Nico Douga memes seems to be parodying the second Durarara!! OP animation, and this one based on Index is pretty good, down to adding in properly assigned staff credits, and including the quick-cut plot montage that happens halfway.

Come to think of it, most of my Listen Back entries are starting to sound like Friday AMV entries. I should probably go and listen to music for its own sake sometime...

Colette Bennett

8 bit Persona 4

I am revisiting the 8 bit remixes of the songs from Persona 4. And they are just as good as the first time I heard them.

Shadowgate OST

Since I've been in a old game music kind of mood, I must admit I have also jammed out to the Shadowgate OST a few times this week.

Zac Bentz

Ogre You Asshole
Ukarete Iru Hito

I've been listening to the new Ogre You Asshole album a bit this week. It's still the same old band, but they are definitely doing some new things on Ukarete Iru Hito. Not wildly experimental or anything, but it seems like they're open to more new sounds and junk on this one. I suppose it's not surprising that the one single is also one of the more bland songs on the five song mini-album.

O. Children
O. Children

On the non-Japanese front, a friend of mine pointed out the band O. Children recently. They're sort of a dark, swirly goth pop band, a bit like Joy Division meets Buck-Tick. The singer is huge and has a super deep voice, something I always like. They are more of a mood band than an OMG great song band. Perfect for these days full of oncoming fall gloom.

Pedro Cortes

Inception OST

Since I've gotten this album, it has been the only thing I listen to while writing or studying. Since school has started again and I wrote a figure review on sister site Tomopop, this has been pumping consistently at Casa del Pedro.


When I heard that Gackt was going to be doing a voice on horror anime Shiki, I decided to go through his discography since I have never been a big fan of his. Turns out it's pretty damn good. This week I'm going through DIABOLOS and it has been effective in getting me through my workouts.

Believe in me who believes in you!

Ben Huber

Yellow Magic Orchestra
Solid State Survivor

I went back to listening to some of my older stuff and remembered that "Rydeen" and "Technopolis" are still some of my favorite electro-pop songs of all time. The whole album is great, but those two tracks are really standouts. Still classic!

Just Another Mind

More jazz this week, this time a trio side project of Soil & "Pimp" Sessions. Pretty good stuff, and I love the stronger influence of the piano throughout the album.

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