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Welcome again to Listen Back, where we, your humble editors, gather to regale you with tales of what we've been listening to this past week!

This time around it seems like everyone is all about the new Perfume single "Nee." Me? I dunno. I played it on the last Japanator Radio episode, but it really doesn't do much for me.  How about you?

But that's just one track. Hit the jump for a heaping helping of sonic goodies.

Zac Bentz

Ogre You Asshole
Ukarete Iru Hito

This one has been out for a while, but the more I listen to it, the more I "get" it. I have to admit that at first I thought Ukarete Iru Hito was a bit weak and maybe even too weird for what I was expecting from Ogre You Asshole. It's certainly is a bit more experimental and there aren't any really rockin' songs on it. But after listening to it many times, something finally clicked.


I don't think I've mentioned Plugnet here yet. Their album SELECT was sort of the soundtrack to my late summer. They are an INCREDIBLE chiptune rap group. They fire off a million words a minute and their production is amazing.


Oh, and of course I've been listening to Dethklok more or less non-stop. Bonus: My wife loves them as well, and we often find occation to listen to them in the car rather loudly and yell about how awesome they are while driving real fast and freaking other drivers out, because we are mature adults.

Colette Bennett


I've been listening to Perfume's new single "Nee", which I like a lot better than their last album.

"Fighting Man"

 Also, I have been disappointed overall with NewS over the last few releases, but "Fighting Man" is my favorite single they have done in a while. Lots of silly J-pop this week!

Jeff Chuang

 Something neat I came across today. It's by all means Yet Another Touhou-inspired Piece Of Music, but it's strikingly memorable. Goes well with cold weather.

Ben Huber

"Koko Dake no Hanashi"

The Kuragehime opening... it's so adorable and simple, but it has a little punch to it as well. This'll probably be looping in my iPod for a while.

I like Perfume better when they're doing catchy, 8-bit-esque pop. "Night Flight" was the only good song on their last album...and "Nee" is more in line with that. Fine by me!

Josh Tolentino

Sakura Wars V Episode 0 ~The Samurai Girl From The Wild West~ OST
"Samurai Damashii"

For some reason I found myself digging through my old Sakura Wars soundtracks and picking out choice songs for listening. This one's the ending theme from the unreleased (in English) prologue to Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. It's a little bit sad that, for a series which puts so much stock in its character songs, vocal performances and music, only a few ever actually represented in the games themselves. It's likely thanks to the storage limitations of the time, but in the end all most people got were some silly BGMs that can't even match the range of a modern cellphone ringtone.

Mike LeChevallier

Shugo Tokumaru
Port Entropy

Normally I wouldn't make a beeline for my Japanese playlists when it comes to multi-instrumental bedroom pop, but for the last seven years Shugo Tokumaru has been delivering some of the sweetest, catchiest chamber music around. His 2007 record Exit was on repeat in my car for roughly a year, and while his new album Port Entropy isn't quite as magical as that earlier work it's still an incredibly rewarding listen. There's not a sub-par track on here, each one is more thoughtful than it needs to be for this genre, allowing my mind to casually formulate dreamlike scenes in my head as the melodies carry along at a brisk pace. Check out the delightfully quirky "Lahaha" to see what I'm getting at. If the music doesn't grab hold of your attention right away, the eccentric video should; it reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox but with way more papercraft.

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