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Little late this week, but yes, here we are! Once again recounting the past week's auditory bliss.

This time around we talk a bit about the ever expanding and ever more popular world of mash-ups,some old (and not so old) favorites well as the usual J-rock stuff.

What's been burning your ears off lately?

Colette Bennet

Girl Talk
All Day 

Girl Talk's new album, All Day, has me mesmerized. I've listened to it at full volume at least half a dozen times and it just keeps getting better. Also, it was 100 percent free. Makes me want to give this dude some money just for being rad.

Also been in the mood for The Brilliant Green. This song especially.

Mike LeChevallier

Not Music

If you happened to listen to my guest DJ spot on this week's Japanator Radio, you'll recall I played a track from Laetitia Sadier's solo album The Trip. It's just coincidental that the band that made her a well-known musical commodity back in the mid-90s, Stereolab, released a sort of odds-and-ends compilation of the Chemical Chords sessions this week. Honestly, I can't say one bad thing about Stereolab. In fact, they're one of the few indie/pop/electronic bands who deserve all the praise they've received over the last 20 years. For being a record consisting essentialy of "Oh this is stuff we didn't put on the last album and we haven't really finalized any new material because we were on hiatus and all doing our sideprojects so yeah" tracks, Not Music is a solid piece of work. True, it doesn't feel like a one-hundred percent from-the-heart effort from the likes of Sadier, Tim Gane, Simon Johns and all the rest, but it will definitely hold me over until the next full-fledged Stereolab album sees the light of day. Whenever that is.

Zac Bentz

Ling Tosite Sigure
Still A Sigure Virgin

I've probably mentioned this one before, but the truth is that I'm still listening to it every week. Even though I still think their previous album Just A Moment is their best work, Still A Sigure Virgin always manages to be the "right" thing. Gotta respect that.

Since Colette mentioned Girl Talk previously, that means it's ok for me to say that I'm a big mash-up fan. Above are three of my recent favorites.

Mildly interesting aside: I follow @bootiemashup on Twitter. They're a site that features an ass-load of awesome mash-ups every month and offers them up for free. Anyway, it seems they aren't really down with Girl Talk's style of a zillion micro mash-ups a second. Instead, they feel the longer, complete songs are the way to go. Me? I like both. I talked to them a bit about in on the Twitters and they certainly aren't trying to start a turf war or anything, and in a way I can see their point. But in the end, as a music lover and a consumer, I'm just happy to have so much great new free material, so I think it's a win/win.

Tim Sheehy
OKAMOTO'S ni Muchu
I had the opportunity to see these guys live at last year's Japan Girls Nite, despite the fact that they had no women in their act. I'm not sure why they were touring Japan Girls Nite, but I imagine their awesomeness probably transcends gender-bias. It's either that, or the fact that the lead singer causes panties to instantly drop -- he's a bit of a showman, as I'm sure Colette can attest. They recently released an album back in Japan, and thankfully it sounds a million times better than the EP they had on hand at the Japan Girls Nite shows. In addition to the quality recordings, the album contains several tracks in English and Japanese, including a nifty cover of the Aerosmith/Run DMC hit "Walk This Way." Needless to say, the album is full of raw energy and classic rock fans will probably adore it as much as I do.

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