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In which six becomes an awesome number

I may not have gotten the chance to dive into more traditional visual novel titles, but I still enjoy keeping with the stuff that gets announced for the West. That way, I have an idea on which games to jump on when I get the chance to consume for stuff from this medium.

Continuing their major anime con announcement streak, MangaGamer revealed at Otakon '16 that they nabbed not one but six new titles. From the looks of it, it looks like they're on an amazing roll right now.

While we're on the topic of rolls, MangaGamer plans to bring over Rance 5D (slightly NSFW), which is part of Alicesoft's RPG series about a perverted hero named Rance who only cares about getting what he wants through any means necessary. In fact, his actions that are considered to be good only happen through coincidences. Also, he goes on adventures with his mage slave known as Sill.

With Rance 5D being a standalone game that takes place in the same universe as the main series, the title focuses on random numbers through the use of dies and other mechanics, which means that one's outcome will always be different in multiple playthroughs. You also get to recruit monsters as you help Rance get out of debt.

Accompanying this release, Rance VI is joining MangaGamer's roster of Rance titles that are getting localized. In this adventure, he's traveling to the Kingdom of Zeth, a place where mages discriminate people who can't use magic. While he ends up joining a group that wants to bring balance to this realm, his priorities focus on trying to get it on with the area's lovely ladies. Of course, he still plans to make sure that Zeth's discriminating magic users will suffer greatly.

As for the game's mechanics, Rance VI throws players into a first-person 3D dungeon crawler where you can switch your party members on the fly. However, this feature is limited so you'll have to use it wisely during each run. With each area containing various events, there's a good chance that the stage will provide folks with some priceless moments.

Even though it seems weird for MangaGamer to release Rance 5D and VI first, they mentioned that the former is a good entry for newcomers to the series. As for the latter, it seems to be a good place to start for the modern Rance games. Best of all, both titles are launching together as bundle this winter for $34.95, which sounds like a great deal.

From the looks of it, the premise for both Rance titles feels the franchise is almost like an adult version of the Slayers anime series. Hell, the two games' silly premise is enough to get me interested in checking them out.

Next up, MangaGamer picked up Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows, a Liarsoft title that's part of their Steampunk series. With the game focusing on two characters, we get to see them explore different areas of a New York City set in a steampunk setting. One character explores a ruined version of the city, and the Central Protagonist Lily ends up in an underground world where the city remains intact. 

As a person who was interested in checking out Gahkthun, Sona-Nyl's take on New York sounds like it'll be a neat take on the original setting. Since one of the game's objectives is to discover the truth behind the city's current state, Aside from the usual Mangagamer.com release, the title will hit Steam as well. If Sona-Nyl's adult scenes are similar to Gahkthun and Kindred Spirits, I have a feeling that it might get an uncensored release on Valve's platform. For the record, this is just a speculation of mine, so I look forward to seeing if I'm right or wrong when we hear more about the title.

For those who enjoy yuri titles, A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation (NSFW) is joining MangaGamer's roster of titles. Interestingly, the game's story revolves around the girls of St. Michael Girls School trying to vote for the school's best couple. This results in Onahara Hazuki becoming a candidate in the best couple debate-- even if she isn't officially dating the high-class girl known as Suoh Manami.

With the game's debate angle in place, The New Generation sounds like it'll be a neat spin on the visual novel series' yuri elements.

The next title on MangaGamer's list is something magical, as 3rdEye's magic-themed visual novel title, Sorcery Jokers, crosses the pond. Thanks to this theme, players can look forward to witnessing spells fly as the Casters, the people who're learning how to use magic, and the OutCast, the people that are against the government's regulation of magical abilities.

Since the game's story focuses on six different perspectives, it sounds like the ingredients for a tale that'll present us with some nice world-building elements that are related to this setting where magic is used everywhere.

Sorcery Joker will launch uncut on Mangagamer.com, with an all-ages version hitting Steam. If anything, this will open up the doors for more folks to read about the game's magical conflicts.

Last but not least, MangaGamer is localizing Hapymaher (slightly NSFW), a dream-themed title by Purple software. While the idea of being fully aware of one's dreams sounds like a great experience, the lead, Tohru Naitou, ends up being exhausted from this moment since his brain didn't get to sleep.

When you add a girl from his earlier dreams and a lady who can travel into other people's dreams, it's hard to tell if this story will end up as wonderful experience or a scary nightmare. Just from the dream premise alone, Hapymaher sounds like it'll be filled with some intense moments while one pursues the game's routes. Hell, I have a feeling that the bad ending for this might be related to the person you lead expect to trigger this.

Overall, MangaGamer has picked out some interesting stuff for their Otakon announcements since there's plenty of variety in the titles they chose. On that note, are you all looking forward to playing any of these games soon?

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