Misdo is meeting Spring with strawberries


More doughnuts? Yes

I'm pretty much over Winter at this point. I mean, I've been over it. But nowadays, with all this stupid snow, I'm feeling the desire to see Springtime more than ever. And in an effort to get people like me even more in the mood to meet the changing of the seasons, Mister Donut have recently started selling some strawberry treats.

The first is a strawberry milk doughnut with a little bit of whip in the middle. It looks like the icing is chocolate strawberry-flavored, and the whole thing is in the shape of a strawberry. Cute!

The second is Pon-de-Strawberry milk, which is one of the usual Pon-de-Ring variations. These will also have a little bit of filling, which I am now way too dubious of to ever try again.

Finally, we've got the Strawberry and Whip Pie, which looks a lot like an apple pie, but they've changed the flavor. You've got a buttery pie crust with strawberry jam and whipped cream inside and sugar on top.

It all looks like it'll give me cavities, but fear not - it's a risk I'm willing to take. See the gallery for images!

[via entabe]

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