Miso, Pocari sweat, and the hangover cure that works before you get snockered!


Here's a fascinating little gem of an article: a brave gaijin's documentation of Japanese hangover cures. Not only can you not beat a cure guaranteed to have you as peppy as Super Mario - not his pansy smaller form, no! - but there's some valuable cultural information buried therein, such as how to properly exaggerate your hangover in Japanese, and the very true fact that hangovers are a fact of life for many Japanese businessmen: drinking with your work buddies is a crucial part of fitting in at your place of employment, and teetotalers are regarded pretty much the same way Westerners regard coworkers who grunt at random and steal people's food out of the office fridge.

Enough talkin'; hit the jump for a Cliff's Notes of cotton-mouth remedies, including the one that prevents any of the whole nasty business from ever taking place.

When the writer took to the convenience store a small piece of TP with "I has hangover, plz help" written by a Japanese acquaintance, he was given a "genki drink"; genki of course means "healthy," and these things are basically cure-alls somewhere between quackery and vitamin-infused magic. Liptovitan D apparently grants you Terminator-like energy at the cost of your esophagal lining. Who needs that thing, anyway?

Speaking of preemptive might, there's also "not on an empty stomach" wisdom: hit up a ramen stand before you crash for the night. No scientific explanation here 'cept the one about how much worse you'll feel if your body has nothing to process that night but sweet liquid poison. Other homey remedies include soothing miso soup, green tea, grated daikon radish, and eating some pressure points. Or pressing them. That works, too, assuming you (1) know where they are and (2) can find them when you're falling-down drunk, or recovering from it.

I remember a mention of our next item, a soda called Pocari Sweat, from Dave Barry Does Japan (still a great book), which he guessed edged out such naming-contest varieties as Pocari Post-Nasal Drip and...something about festering wounds, I lack a copy of it at hand. Blast! Anyway, this Ion Supply Drink replenishes sweat and, um, stuff. There's also persimmons, which have booze-breakin' chemicals; kudzu, a pea vine that also suppresses beer urges; and umeboshi, pickled plums you should suck on in varying degrees for varying badnesses of hangover. And grammar.

Water and sleep are the most common cures, for all that, but the author claims his secret weapon is really "ukon," tumeric pills that completely prevent any symptoms of hung-over misery when you wake up from your chugfest the next morning/afternoon. Why don't they sell that stuff over here, I wonder?

Either way, be sure to read the whole thing. It's amusing, and there's a test next week. Test, I say! 

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