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Monthly Musing: Being Thankful


[Editors Note: This is a promoted Community Blog, written by one of our readers in response to November's Monthly Musing topic. If you'd like an opportunity to contribute to our front page, feel free to create one of your own ~Tim Sheehy]

As I'm sure many of you are aware, tomorrow marks the day of Thanksgiving where we offer our thanks to the many various things in our lives for well, being there for us. I'd like to offer a few thoughts of my own on what I am thankful for. There are a lot of things people could be thankful for, and while some of them are obvious, it never hurts to say them anyway. Just to let the people around you know you care. But then there are the things that I'm thankful for that just get me weird looks... 

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Ouendan, perhaps better known as Japanese male cheerleading.

Now why would I be thankful for such an institution? For one simple reason. Thank you Ouendan, for preserving Japanese masculinity. While young men everywhere fall to this herbivore menace, you brave few are the beacon of testosterone, valiantly fighting against effeminate trends that seem to plague Japan. So yes, it sounds silly, but I am thankful for Ouendan and everything it stands for. Keep fighting the good fight men. On a more serious note though... Friends who don't judge.

(No, I will not be telling anyone which one represents me. It's not Mihoshi though.)

After reading Marlin Clock's great piece on his journey to finding friends who accepted his hobbies, I realized how lucky I was and am to have friends that enjoy anime just as much as I do in real life. While I'll always find like-minded people -- and people I vehemently disagree with -- on the internet, it's certainly something special to have friends that I can talk to after classes about anything from the latest episode of Amagami SS (and how bullshit Rihoko's ending was) to who would win in a fight between Lordgenome and Master Asia. Sure, each one of them has their own hangups and flaws (one actually enjoyed Gundam Seed Destiny and another has a knowledge of hentai doujinshi authors rivaling mine) but when it comes down to it, they'll be there when I need them. That's something I'm truly grateful for. But this post wouldn't be complete without offering thanks to another special part of my life.

All of Japanator.

(Those of you who play Valkyria Chronicles will find some of the avatar placings to be either hilarious or heinously insulting, sorry about that. And I sincerely offer my apologies to anyone not featured in the image. Turns out the Japanator community is larger than Squad 7, but each and every one of you is just as important. Also, this section of the post becomes so much more badass if you read it while listening to the main theme of Valkyria Chronicles. I know it's cheesy and other members have already mentioned it, but it's definitely worth mentioning again.)

I'm thankful for Japanator. Whether it be Zac Bentz and the catchy tunes found in Japanator Radio, Mike LeChevallier's long and rambling posts (along with the rest of the staff's slightly shorter ones) in Annotated Anime, Ben Huber's entertaining Yotsuba & series, the community talking about how it felt about episodes of the latest anime in Setre's now gigantic thread "What I Just Finished Doing And What I Thought About It" in the forums, or any of the other numerous things Japanator does and discusses every day. I'm going to be honest, despite being a huge anime/manga/Japanese culture enthusiast, Japanator is the only site I really visit regularly and I don't mind at all. Why? Because there's a great dedicated staff that's always there to report, and a great community that while on the small side, never seems to run out of things to say. I can say without a doubt, that my love and knowledge of anime, manga, and Japan in general would never have expanded as much without all the fine folk here at Japanator, staff and community alike.

So thank you.

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