NBC's 30 Rock features dakimakura lover James Franco


Do you watch NBC's 30 Rock? Yeah, I don't either. The latest episode features a dakimakura (love pillow), and that's at least somewhat relevant to our interests, isn't it?

Is James Franco an otaku? He doesn't look the part, but you never know. In this episode Franco's manager asks a real life female, Jenna, to act as a cover and be a public girlfriend for Franco. What exactly are they covering? It turns out that Franco's character is in love with a particularly ugly dakimakura. No, really. It's ugly. I think your average 30 Rock fan would be like, 'oh, that's fun, some Japanese crap pillow' or whatever. Bring in any well-versed otaku and they'll know that this so-called Kimiko-tan is crap. Substandard. Unforgivable.

To help James Franco out, we've put together a somewhat NSFW collection of better dakimakura options. Who knows, maybe he's really into them. We could be helping him out!

[Thanks, Nick]

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