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IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure, it's getting a little old now, but it's easily one of my favorite memes of all time. Recently, I had the chance to interview the mastermind behind that meme, Kajetokun. We talked about how surprised he was when the video took off, to his style and what's in store for him in the future.

Hit the jump to read the interview and take a look at a few of his videos too.  

Japanator: What is your power level?

Kajetokun: I don’t know. Vegeta broke all my scouters.

2. When you made the Dragon Ball cutup, did you have any idea it would go on to become such a huge phenomenon over the Internet? Or was it just something that you made for a small group of friends?

I had no idea it was going to get this big. Really it was just a small little something I made as an inside joke for my friends. My friend Patrick posted it on /b/ and then I ended up having like 20,000 views the next day.Then Scott from VGcats front page linked my video and I woke up to 200,000 views.

3. How many times have you had people use that phrase on you, unaware that you were the one who popularized it? Do you ever have to cut 'em down to size?
A couple of times this has happened. I do go to anime conventions often so sometimes I’ll overhear someone use something from one of my videos. I never really do much about it. Often times I’ll just smirk and keep quiet about it. My friends usually tell others about me through conversation. They'll come over to me and be like, "Hey Kaj, I found a fan of yours, do you want to meet him/her?" and its very nice that they ask because sometimes I don't want to. I don't mean to insult my fans, for without them I'm nothing, but I've come across some annoying people. I'm just a normal guy and I like it when people approach me as a normal person and talk to me. Sometimes when I'm introduced to a fan, all they do is shout memes at me. But I've also met some really awesome people too, so it's really not as bad as I may have made it sound.

4. Now that you've created an immensely popular meme, do you feel like you understand how they work better? Looking from the inside out, could you identify an element that makes a meme successful with the general public? Or is it all completely random?

Honestly I never intended any of my videos to produce memes. They’re just movies that were made to be funny. I guess a successful meme is just something that’s funny.
5. Do you like the DBZ series? 

Yes. Used to watch it all the time on Cartoon Network.
6. Are there any other projects you've worked on that you wished would have gotten popular instead?

Not really.

7. Was there another version of Over 9000 that you almost went with instead?


8. Your style of comedy is unique, do you have a name for it?

I don’t really have a name for it. Really I don’t find it too unique, especially since Youtube Poop came before me.

9. What does it feel like to be the forerunner in internet pop culture?

Forerunner in Internet pop culture? I’m flattered but I don’t think I’m THAT big. Over 9000 is the only one, I think, that became ingrained into Internet culture. I mean hell, if my COLLEGE COUNSELOR knew about it before I said anything that’s got to mean something. I guess it just feels like I’m a normal guy, though. It hasn’t really changed me that much.

10. You seem to like to take characters (Vegeta/Goku, Mega Man, Proto Man) and make them have sex. Is this your way of expressing your sexual fantasies?

Yes. I dream of unleashing glowing piss into Mega Man’s mouth, every night.

11. Tell me now, is 4chan the organization behind the scenes that controls you, or is it something more sinister?

4Chan influences my type of humor and some of the things I watch, sure, but rarely did they ever influence what actual goes into the video (with the exception of over 9000 which originated from an obscure image on 4chan.) That usual comes about from screwing around with my friends and cracking jokes as we watch old shows. Right now we’ve been watching EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF YUGIOH. So expect a video from that show when we’re done and they let me borrow the DVDs.

12. What does the future hold? Can we expect more videos like Over 9000! or are you sticking with the music videos you recently have been making.

You can probably expect both. Honestly, the music is a lot easier to do, though.

13. What i love about your videos are all the random elements that make cameos within them. Let me ask you this, who's your favorite Care Bear?


14. How do you pick the clips and audio you use? What makes you think while watching the Mega Man cartoon, "Hey, I can turn that 20 second clip into something amazingly retarded?"

It all starts with one joke. For example, Gutsman’s Ass; we were just watching that scene. Rush ripped off the tail on Gutsman’s costume, and I just remember my friend Scott saying, “Wait a second, I RECOGNIZE THAT ASS!!” And then of course about came the generic funny-only-at-the-moment gay jokes about Megaman’s experience with Gutsman’s ass since he was able to tell it was Gutsman only by looking at his ass. The rest of the ideas for the movie really come about as I’m making the movie. It’s not really planned out at all.

15. My favorite video from you is Terry Yum Goong. I've never seen that movie so on top of that being an amazing piece of choreography, you also used some amazing music and the sound dubs are perfect. How long did it take you to figure out what Street Fighter, King of Fighters and other gaming sound clips to use and edit it all together?

That’s definitely one of my favorite fight scenes. As I was watching it, for some reason I had Captain Falcon’s voice in my head. Everytime someone would get punched or kicked I’m just thinking, “YES! PUUUNCH! FALCON KICK! FALCON PUUUUUUNCH! YES! HUURRAA!! SHOW ME Y- PUUUUUUUUUNCH!” but I already used Captain Falcon for something. So I then I remembered a video a Youtube user named GoatGoat sent me of Terry Bogard’s voice in place of my Zeta Punch video. First time I watched it, it felt like I just unleashed glowing piss into Megaman’s mouth; it was damn hilarious. So I got my Capcom VS SNK 2 soundtrack, which has all the voices on it, and imported the voices into Windows Movie Maker. I just sort of experimented with where voices should go and that completed the first layer of sound. Windows Movie Maker doesn’t allow for multiple layers of sound as far as I know. (If anyone knows how, that’s be great.) So what I did was export the movie as it was, and then re-imported it into Windows Movie Maker. Then I added some sound effects from Little Fighter 2, exported and re-imported again, touched up on places where sound effects or voices needed to overlap, then exported and re-imported again, and finally added the music. Terry Yum Goong took me about a week to finish.

16. What are some of your favorite videogames?

Well right now I’m kind of fixated on Brawl, but I guess some of my favorite game series would have to be Sonic from the Genesis, the Tales of series, Melty Blood, the Kirby series, the Mother series, and Super Robot Wars.

17. What are you working on next?
Well, with school and BRAAAAAAAAAAAWL in the way, I’ve been neglecting my hobby. I do have plenty of options I could pursue. There’s YuGiOh which I’ve been watching with my friends. We’ve already cracked tons of jokes about it and if they let me borrow the DVDs I could work with it. I did start up a video with HARDMAN from Megaman but it didn’t turn out too funny. I can’t really top it off well for some reason. I could extend the Jill Sandwich song but I’d have to start from scratch since I lost the base to it when I cleared out my My Documents folder; its kind of what I get for titling it “UNTITLED-1.mid,” but that’s been keeping me from wanting to extend it. I had a song I made for Donkey Kong’s /v/ Album and all I would need to do is Photoshop like 100 images and turn it into a music video using those images, which would probably be the quickest one. I also do have a video of the winning “gif” (which I turned into a movie) in my PHOTOSHOP battle with my friend Wes. All I would need to do is add some sound effects.
Thanks again to Kajetokun for the interview. Be sure to check out his YouTube page for more great videos from him. [Special thanks to Tristero and GodLen for the help with coming up with some of the questions.] 

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