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I’m going to give you a general warning before we move on. The information that is to be stated in the below article has not been proven as a 100% correct or truthful, but perhaps just might be. A man only known as ‘Anonymous’ has translated a recent Megami Magazine article about the Gurren Lagann feature length film that is going to be released in the near future. So what we need to do is find this article and prove him right; go scour the internets my pretty. Anyways check out the bulleted highlights of it after the jump, but be sure to have a change of underwear and pants by you before we proceed.

  • The first film’s second half will be almost entirely new.
  • Nakashima barely did any screenplay writing for the TV series' second arc (the vs. Spiral King part, not time skip) so he was happy being able to write a screenplay for the new second arc this time.
  • Though Simon's revival in the TV series was carefully drawn with a psychological depiction, in the theater, they will make Simon recover as a result of events from the outside.
  • The Yoko vs. Adiane hand-to-hand battle will be worth seeing.
  • By making her confront Adiane directly, they were able to do a theatrical climax and the drama of Yoko's recovery from Kamina's death at the same time.
  • In the movie, Yoko, Nia, and Simon's three dramas will advance simultaneously and will be the peak of the movie.
  • You can enjoy Yoko and Adiane's showdown as a sexy catfight too.
  • Because animation director Nishigori will be putting in his efforts too, there will be sexy scenes worth seeing
  • From around the part where Nia appears, in terms of art, there will be new animation. We want you to see Nia's loveliness.
  • Regarding the new parts, starting with Nia, the situations with Yoko and Adiane will change and they are drawn to be even more appealing than in the TV series.
  • The number one point of the Gurren Chapter is Simon's revival after losing Kamina.
  • In the final battle, there will be Yoko and Nia's drama, and that will converge with the drama of Simon's revival. The situation around them and Simon's recovery will become the theatrical catharsis.
  • Kamina will die even quicker than in the TV series, so they were careful with how much of an impact he could make in about two hours.
  • Spiral Chapter (Rasen-hen) will open in Spring 2009 and will be Simon and Nia's story. Spiral Chapter will have newly animated parts too, maybe even more than Gurren Chapter.
  • As for developments other than the movies, they want to make Viral's story during the seven years after Lord Genome was defeated.

So there you have it, this story is going to be less of a recap snore fest and more of its own story about how Simon grows and becomes stronger out of his loss. That and we get to see Yoko actually do something and participate in the battle. I can see it now, Yoko is going to give Adiane the kiss of death, and then she is going to explode; or something like that. This doesn’t sound too earth-shattering to be fake, and crazy enough to be real; what do you think?

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