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Garo: Kiba the Dark Knight

When the Garo franchise says that "mankind has been given hope," they weren't joking around. This saying might as well be true since Kraken Releasing, a Section23 division, is bringing Garo: Kiba the Dark Knight to North America on Feb. 20. 

While it was my least favorite film in the franchise,  learning about the Dark Knight's origin. Part of it had to do with the movie's flashbacks being told in illustrations, instead of live-action. At least we got to see Keita Amemiya's inked pieces throughout the production.

Just like the original series, we'll be able to own it on Blu-ray. In other words, this is a great treat for tokusatsu fans. If both releases do well, I'm hoping for them to pick up Garo: Makai Senki, Beast of the Midnight Sun, Red Requiem, and Lament of the Dark Dragon in the future. In the meantime, I'll be happy about seeing another installment in the franchise go West. 

[via Tokunation]

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