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Digimon Adventure tri.

So just a few months after Digimon Adventure Tri Reunion home release, Shout! Factory released Digimon Adventure Tri.: Determination, the second installment in the movie series. I remember watching Determination when it initially came out and ended up hating it. While typically I do love my slice of life in Digimon, Determination was really filler-y and it only made the story progress during the last 20 minutes of the movie. We waited four months for the movie to come out, and we had to wait for another six to see the third one, so it was frustrating.

However, considering this Blu-Ray set came out after I watched the third and fourth movie via Crunchyroll – which both developed the story some more, going back to Determination was more enjoyable, almost like the same effect you get when you watch a series in one sitting versus watching it on a weekly basis, or in this case, every four or six months.

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