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Gun Caliber

I going to feel silly now, but I missed the memo when Vimeo started to have On Demand content. So why am I bringing up this today? Well, it turns out that SRS Cinema put Gun Caliber on the service for people to rent and/or download.

Of course, this version of Gun Caliber is the movie version, so you'll get to watch Soma mess with the people of Japan without switching videos. As for the price, it'll cost you $4.98 to rent it for a day. If you want to own it digitally, this option is available for $14.95.

As the Indiegogo Campaign for its sequel, Strega, passed its halfway mark, this timing is perfect for those who want to see Soma Kusanagi's first adventure where he drinks booze and shoots evil in the dick. Now that the movie is available in another format, it's great to hear that Garage Hero's partnership with SRS Cinema is going well.

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