Prepare for a new character in K-ON!! - Miura Akane-chan


That's right, they're adding a new girl to the second season of K-ON!!, named Miura Akane-chan. Instrument of choice? Tuba. She's about 5'8", which puts her well above everyone else in the group -- Mio is the tallest of the original five, at 5'2". So, this will prove to be interesting.

We've got the character art and some profile information down in the gallery below, but since I have a shred of dignity about me, I'm not going to go ahead and translate all that, because what's the point in spoiling the mindless drivel for K-ON!!?  Surely you want to find out for yourself just what Akane's favorite foods are, don't you?

I'll be watching K-ON!!, for some strange reason, but at least I have something to look forward to: a giantess trying to mix in a tuba with a pop band. This is going to be good.

Update: We were tricked by 2chan. Sadly, we won't be seeing any tuba action next season. Sad times.

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