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Attack on Titan: news and videos

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See you next year, Attack on Titan

As Attack on Titan Season 2 comes to an end, a bit of news about the series has surfaced. Instead of people having to wait a long time for the show to continue, we can expect the anime to return in 2018. In light of this news, FUNimation up...

What Would You Do? photo

What Would You Do? The Return of the Titans

[Ed. Note: What Would You Do? is a new column run by our newest contributor Lindo Korchi, examining popular scenarios from anime to develop a proper plan of action (or inaction) for any situation.] Considering all the chaos that Eren and th...

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Oh, finally, a proper Attack on Titan game

What's that, you say? There's already been a proper Attack on Titan game? Well, that is technically true, and Atlus USA even brought it to English-speaking shores as Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains. Unfortunately, that title was a bit ...

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Japan announces an Attack on Drugs

I think anime has been very quiet when it comes to drug culture. For the amount of series' that are based in a high school, none of them has an arc where they are tempted to smoke a reefer behind the bike shed. Although Lucky Star wou...

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Safety first for the Attack on Titan motorcycling fans

There's not a lot of things that are more dangerous than taking down Titans as part of the Survey Corp, but I think riding a motorcycle is a close second. At least riding a bitchin' chopper makes you look 10 times cooler than...

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Attack on Titan x Aqua Clara Promo has some Amazing Prizes

The increasingly popular Attack on Titan is partnering up with the Japanese water cooler provider Aqua Clara to wage war against dehydration. The link between killing titans and ensuring adequate hydration is extremely tenuous, bu...

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Attack on Titan maneuvers its way to Universal Studios

I'm usually not one for theme parks. All the kids, lines, and expenses generally keep me away. Add in the fact that I'm scared of heights, and you can understand why I keep my distance. However, now that Universal Studios is adding a new a...

Attack on Titan photo

Attack on Titan's live-action cast posters look real badass

I'll readily confess that I haven't paid much attention to Attack on Titan since the anime finished its run last year, but now that the live-action adaptation of Hajime Isayama's blockbuster manga is further along, I'm back on board. C...

Counter SAttatrike Titan photo

Counter-Strike on Titan?

Now here's a collaboration I didn't see coming. Attack on Titan is teaming up with the Nexcon developed Counter-Strike Online game in Japan. It's an Asian market version of the popular Valve shooter, which I spent endless hours of my colleg...

The Simpsons photo

The Simpsons are pretty big Shonen JUMP readers

This one's more of a blip compared to the cameo-fest in last week's issue of Spider-Man, but I'm intrigued by a peculiar level of anime savvy shown in a new visual gag from Sunday's episode of The Simpsons. Doing their yearly "Treehouse of ...

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Captain Levi's past is revealed in upcoming OVA trailer

Attack on Titan's top badass is the star of an upcoming OVA, which promises to reveal the cold eyed spinning slashed. Attack on Titan: No Regrets - Birth of Levi, takes us to the time before Levi joins up with the Survey Corps, and how he ...

Attack on Titan photo

Captain Levi is featured on the cover of a ladies magazine

Dusting master extraordinaire and Survey Cops killing machine, Captain Levi has been popping up in the most unlikely places lately, This time he's chilling on the cover of the ladies magazine, FRaU like it's nothing. Levi can be seen sexily...

Attack on Titan photo

The Scouting Legion takes on the Bearded Titan

So what if they want to devour us whole for reasons unknown? The least we can do is make them look good while doing it, right? Apparently, that's Schick's logic for trying to hawk safety razors for the sake of mankind's greatest enemy, and...

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A Titan comes to Tokyo

D Piddy is out and around Tokyo trying to share his love of Attack on Titan. Some are accepting of it, while others are not. Either way, it makes for a hilarious video! In other news, I'M BACK!

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Attack on Titan inevitably headed to Toonami on May 3

I called this a few episodes into Attack on Titan when I watched it during its original run at Crunchyroll, but FUNimation has just made it official: Attack on Titan will be airing on Toonami beginning Saturday, May 3rd. If you've skipped ...

Taiko no Tatsujin photo

Second Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS game announced

Taiko no Tatsujin is great. You may not know it, but there was once a time when these games, albeit with an altered soundtrack, actually made it out of Japan. Unfortunately for us, this stopped years ago, but Japan has continued to get the ...

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Attack on Titan and Titanfall collide

If you've been listening to Jtor AM, you know Tim and I have been talking about Titanfall plenty these past few weeks -- and with good reason. Who doesn't love giant robots plummeting from the sky, ready to do battle? No one. I'm positive....

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Attack on Titan wins yet another award

It's no doubt that Attack on Titan has won the Digital Content of the Year Award at the 19th Association of Media in Digital (AMD) Awards. Over the course of 2013, and 2014 so far, it has gained so much popularity and has won...

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First look at Attack on Titan in English

To build excitement for the official premiere of the Attack on Titan dub at Anime Boston -- and to tear the geekier portions of the internet asunder with talk over whether certain voices are "too deep" or "just deep enough," -- Funimation ...

Attack on Titan photo

Levi, Mikasa, and more Attack on Titan voice actors announced

I just did a post about Attack on Titan English voice actors. Well guess what? There are even more to add to the list! I'm getting more and more excited, and I hope they announce the voice actors who will play Eren and Armin soon. Let's tak...

Attack on Titan photo

Lots of Attack on Titan English cast members revealed

[Update: More cast members announced here.] Attack on Titan's English cast has finally been revealed! It was announced a few days ago, and even though I have a bone to pick with dubs, I think I'll give this a try. It's one of my favorite se...

Attack on Titan Burgers photo

Attack on Arteries: New Lotteria burgers are insane

I can imagine that the design process for an Attack on Titan burger must have been a tough one. Grilling pictures into the bun would have been lame, and you can't really pick specialist ingredients when the only things that get eaten in thi...

Attack on Titan photo

Spice up your life with titan underwear

Curious as to what type of themed underwear you should purchase next? Well let me answer that question for you: you should definitely buy yourself a pair of Colossal Titan boxers. Is there any other way to look fabulous? In all seriousness ...

Manga photo

Kodansha makes three big announcements

On their official tumblr (is that where all the cool kids are hanging out these days? I wouldn't know), Kodansha Comics made three big announcements this week including two new licenses and the reveal of a brand new omnibus release. Ready t...

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Get (responsibly) hammered on Attack on Titan wine!

The United States is good at cross promotion and figuring out ways to milk every last penny from various franchises... but Japan is better. Even though we don't get to see even half of the merchandise that is put out for various anime and m...

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Attack on Titan dub debuting at Anime Boston

Attack on Titan, as I'm sure we're all aware, is a pretty huge deal. If it weren't clear by our awesome valentines and Karen going back to check out the episodes, a lot of us are fans. Some of us are not, but personally, I'm a huge fan. I'd...

Attack on Valentine's photo

Japanator's Attack on Titan Valentine's gallery

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we've prepared a special gallery for you to share with friends and family. That's right, it's a set of Attack on Titan-themed Valentine's cards! We've been tweeting them out via our @Japanator twitter acco...

Attack on Titan photo

Celebrate Valentine's Day the right way

Why not spend Valentine's Day with things from one of the most romantic shows of all time? That's right, Attack on Titan is one of the best ways to win someone's heart over. That's why the bakery Priroll is taking pre-orders, so that you ca...

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Smash Bros. meets second Attack on Titan opening

Attack on Titan continues to stick in people's minds, even months after the anime's conclusion. Just take a look at this video, hand-animated by AmazingArtistYellow. Taking over six months of work, AmazingArtistYellow takes loads of Smash ...

Attack on Titan shirts photo

Attack on Shopping Mall

I work on a college campus, so I can see Attack on Titan is all the rage with the kids nowadays, but I had no idea that its popularity had made its way to the local shopping mall! Apparently the purveyors of all things hip and gaudy, Hot To...

Attack on Titan photo

Bandai releasing Attack on Titan merchandise this April

Bandai is set to release a small line of electronic goods that bare the symbol and colors of the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan this April in Japan.  The SK-01GR large headphones will run you 3,800yen ($37US) and just come in the Co...

Attack on Titan photo

Get freaked out by even more live-action Titans

Mr. Josh Totman showed you guys the behind the scenes video of the Attack on Titan commercial! Pretty cool, right? Judging by that video, and this one, I can tell the film is going to be amazing! I'm really, really excited for it.  We...

Attack on Titan photo

Live action titans are insanely awesome

How many of you are excited about the live action Attack on Titan movie? I know I am! One of the things that I am also excited to see is how they are going to do the titans in the movie. Are they going to be live action or CG or both? Well...

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Cospa names Attack on Titan top cosplay seller

One of the cool things about cosplay's increasing profile is that it's no longer exclusive to people who can make their own costumes. While the best pro cosplayers and their bespoke outfits certainly deserve the props they get, nowadays ave...

2013 Awards photo

The winner of Japanator's best anime of 2013

This is it, gang: our ultimate award. No more wimpy little categories like Best Use of a Ferret in an Action Sequence or Best Perversely Erotic Scene of Classroom Destruction or what have you, no: this is the big deal. The best ov...

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Attack on Titan opening themes now available on US iTunes

If you're like most other people on the internet, you simply couldn't get the Attack on Titan opening theme out of your head. Well, I've got bad news for you: it's going to be stuck there a little while longer. You can now buy the songs "Gu...

Attack on Titan photo

Attack on Titan theme lands in Oricon 100 for 2013

The frenzy for Attack on Titan just does not end. With all the end-of-year lists cropping up, Oricon just debuted theirs. On the list at #30? Linked Horizon's single CD Jiyu e no Shingeki, which features both "Jiyu no Tsubasa" and "Gur...



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