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Galilei Donna: news and videos

Jtor Awards 2013 photo

Japanator Awards 2013: The Special Awards

Now, when Karen introduced our Best Anime of 2013, she declared "No more wimpy little categories like Best Use of a Ferret in an Action Sequence or Best Perversely Erotic Scene of Classroom Destruction or what have you". Indeed, declaring t...

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Final Impressions: Galilei Donna

It's been a rough ride on board the home-made goldfish airship along with the three descendants of Galileo Galilei. It's also a learning experience; Galilei Donna is a textbook example of both what you can do with suspension of belief, and ...

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Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Episode 10

The second part of the time travel arc-- where Hozuki romances her ancestor, Galileo-- comes to an end with this week's Galilei Donna. It's hard to say what this adds to the already suspicious set of circumstances surrounding the treas...

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Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 9

I give a lot of props to anime that can surprise me in a pleasant way. Over the years I've seen a lot of stuff, and it's well-known that a lot of shows stick to the same basic patterns. Galilei Donna seemed to walk that same, beaten path, a...

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Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 8

Let's take a different approach for this week's Galilei Donna recap. Plot-wise, while the girls obtain the fifth moon sketch in an ancient graveyard belonging to the Yaguu clan in Nara, they take a vacation to visit Grandpa. Anna is growing...

AA: Galilei Donna photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 7

Hazuki, Kazuki, Hozuki, and Anna find themselves again cornered by Aldi Moon's faithful hunting dog, Roberto. This time they were blasted out from under the sea while en route to the next moon sketch. It's about time for Galilei Donna to ta...

AA: Galilei Donna photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 6

"Oh Bambina!" he said. It sounded okay because it's anime, but it's like a dude calling a chick "baby" every time he see her, which is a confusing term in this context, as our Black Ganymede pirate leader comes across too clean to be a tota...

AA: Galilei Donna photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 5

As the Galilei Donna sisters (and their fourth wheel) travel north away from Germany, Holland greets them with a deep breeze and more piracy. The local ring of pirates, on the other hand, are the friendliest lot. As usual, Hozuki quickly wo...

AA: Galilei Donna 4 photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 4

The treasure hunt gets underway at full speed as the three girls of Galilei Donna (and their suspicious companion) reach the first checkpoint this week. At their quest hub, they found the usual score of Hollywood/video game style excitement...

Galilei Donna E3 photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 3

The main takeaway for this week's Galilei Donna is that Kazuki is getting sick and tired of this half-baked adventure-slash-fugitive nonsense. Despite an interesting and colorful setting, so far the show lacks something that holds the crazy...

Galilei Donna photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 2

Last week's Galilei Donna was all over the place. It intrigued but didn't offer much in terms of explanation. This week's Galilei Donna still doesn't quite offer much in terms of explanation, but at least it wraps up the pilot story arc. If...

Galilei Donna photo

First Impressions: Galilei Donna

Along with Samurai Flamenco, the second half of this season's renewed noitaminA segment is Galilei Donna. From Yasuomi Umetsu, the creator of Mezzo and Kite, Galileo Donna is an original story about three sisters carrying the DNA of the fam...



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