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Music photo

The Dose: Yui Horie

Wednesday usually means that we're all hitting a bit of a lull in our work week. Staring like zombies at your computer screens, stamping off TPS reports. In these cases we need something extra sugary, with that special caffeine kick! Super...

Final Imps: Golden Time photo

Final Impressions: Golden Time

We're finally here. The finale of the hottest amnesia-driven romantic comedy aired last week, and while it feels like it's taken several days just to digest what on Earth happened, I feel we've left the show in a good place. But hey, that's...

Golden Time Ep. 23 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 23

The penultimate episode. We're standing on the brink of Golden Time's conclusion, and while I want all of these bad things to wrap-up and conclude in the best way possible, I also don't want it to end. This show has been a roller-coaster, a...

Golden Time Ep. 22 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 22

This episode is so jammed full of reveals, shouting and tears that I spent quite some time figuring out where to even start. This got me thinking about Banri's reaction to the non-stop barrage of bad news, and I'm not sure I've seen someone...

Golden Time Ep. 21 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 21

I don't think I've seen an episode quite so liberal with dropping multiple bombshells in quick succession. Golden Time is certainly reaching its climax, and I'm positive that we're in for a gripping final three episodes. Three episodes? Hav...

Golden Time Ep. 20 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 20

Well folks, we certainly hit the drama mother lode in this episode, with a reveal that's going to carry us all the way to the end of the series. I'm not about to spoil it up here in the preview, but make sure you've seen the latest episode ...

Golden Time Ep. 19 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 19

Can you see it? Can you see the ending of this show that apparently lurks a mere five weeks away? Five more episodes to go, and assuming we don't find ourselves in a second season, we'll have our conclusion. Surely before the end we're due ...

Golden Time Ep. 18 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 18

It's only taken eighteen episodes, but we finally have the wrestling anime we were waiting for. Former featherweight champion Koko squares off against Nana, the demon straight out of hell. Does Koko dominate, using her dangerous crab techni...

Golden Time Ep. 17 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 17

It seems like the story is finally welcoming back Mitsuo, as this week's episode revolves around his relationships with Linda and Banri. Sure, he's been around, popping in and out every so often to parade around in those Speedos of his, but...

Golden Time Ep. 16 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 16

I was recently having a conversation about Golden Time while on a car journey, talking about how Banri is fantastic at making awful decisions, and how Koko isn't exactly bad at it either. I then went to describe the latest episode and my op...

Golden Time Ep. 15 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 15

On this week's edition of Most Haunted, we discuss what kinds of powers our spectral friends are capable of wielding. Observable powers in this episode include, but are not limited to: Manipulation of air conditioners Sudden outbursts of r...

Golden Time Ep. 14 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 14

In my opinion, Golden Time is one of the most interesting romances we've had in recent years. Who knows if that'll last all the way to the show's conclusion, but when the Internet explodes because two characters are seen chatting, you know ...

Golden Time Ep. 13 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 13

It's been a few weeks since Golden Time last aired, which naturally means that I spent most of that time pondering what the next Banri-goof was going to be; how Koko would completely fail to react to it in the long term; and if it were poss...

Video Games photo

Golden Time: Vivid Memories to hit PS Vita in March

I'll admit it: I don't have an official list of "Anime that would make for awesome games," but even if I did, Golden Time wouldn't be on it. I enjoy the show, but I just don't feel this great urge to play as sensitive law student Tada Banri...

Golden Time Ep. 12 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 12

Golden Time continues to be as addicting as it is relentless, luring you back week after week just to see Banri, Koko or both do something absolutely baffling. But yet you can kind of understand. You know it's wrong, but you know why it's h...

Golden Time Ep. 11 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 11

Oh Koko, what's going on in that head of yours? I feel that you're probably not as complex as you seem, and after a couple more episodes we'll likely get to the bottom of it all. In the meantime, you're going to continue to baffle us with y...

Golden Time Ep. 10 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 10

Well played, Golden Time. You've successfully managed to give us just enough of what we wanted from the shock ending of the previous episode without turning the rest of the series into emo-Banri versus the world. What this has done is chang...

Golden Time Ep. 9 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 9

Besides Golden Time, I'm currently watching Hunter x Hunter, Kill la Kill and Little Busters!, but I can say with complete honesty that the former has firmly become the highlight show of each week. Which is kinda saying a lot, because I'd g...

Monthly Musing  photo

Fabulous Dressers: Golden Time's Koko

[Community member Lifesong is featured here in our very first promoted Monthly Musing c-blog! Watch as Lifesong sings the praises of Golden Time's Koko. If you want to participate, there's still time!] There is an unspoken rule that anytime...

Golden Time Ep. 8 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 8

Ha! Take that, folks who thought that only Linda and Koko were viable romantic interests for Banri! Now that we have confirmation that he's in a relationship with Mitsuo, what lies in store for the rest of the cast? Does this have something...

Golden Time Ep. 7 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 7

So I might have been a little harsh on Banri last time around, and while I still think that he made some pretty poor decisions, I'm coming around to the reasoning behind why he flew off the handle. But hey, that doesn't mean I regret talkin...

Golden Time Ep. 6 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 6

I don't think it's a huge secret that I'm really enjoying my Golden Time. Sure, Banri isn't a massively original character, but then he does work hard to make himself stand out from the other amnesiac protagonists. In fact, that may be most...

Golden Time Ep. 5 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 5

It's great to see that Kaga is cheering up a little after that soul-crushing meeting in the previous episode, but with that, it seems that the plot is starting to get a little thicker. New things are being added left and right, and things a...

AA: Golden Time photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 3 and 4

Don't you sometimes wish for a little more time to be able to cram everything you want to do into a week? A little bit of Golden Time, perhaps? Yeah, sorry guys, time got the better of me last week so we're doubling up! Luckily for me it wa...

Golden Time Ep. 2 photo

Annotated Anime: Golden Time Ep. 2

The first episode of Golden Time definitely impressed, even though the pressure to live up to the author's previous story, at least to me, was pretty darn high. With the sequel to Little Busters! almost guaranteed to make anime viewing a de...

First Impressions photo

First Impressions: Golden Time

Can you believe it's been five years since the Toradora! anime first aired? Crazy! I remember watching it in my first year of university, stuck in a cramped dorm room and going nuts every time Ryuuji did something stupid. It wasn't perfect,...



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