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Hamatora: news and videos

Hamatora photo

Hamatora gets 'to be continued' message

With so many shows coming to a close this week and next, it's time to play one of our favorite games... the which shows will be coming back game! It's really simple to play. You just sit through twelve or thirteen episodes (or sometimes eve...

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The Dose: livetune featuring Yuuki Ozaki

Dojin music circle extraordinaires livetune are back, and this time Kz is packing some serious heat. Originally known for his epic Vocaloid led tracks, Kz has taken his livetune project far beyond its original Hatsune Miku beginnings. He's...

FI: HamaTora photo

First Impressions: HamaTora

When a job needs doing, but requires that extra special touch, you go to a Minimum Holder. They've got powers ranging from neutralizing gravity to controlling lighting. And Hamatora is just the agency to submit your request to. This rag-tag...

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Simulcast GET: Crunchyroll nabs Hamatora and more

As we get ready to welcome 2014, Crunchyroll is picking up three more shows before the year comes to a close! Best of all, one of their new anime titles happens to be a series that I'm going to cover soon. Anyway, Crunchyroll's newest title...

Hamatora photo

First PV for mixed-media project Hamatora

He's your first look at some actual animation for Hamatora. I've been out of the loop for a bit, so this is the first time it's crossing my vision, but it certainly seems interesting. Hamatora is a mixed-media project that will feature sev...



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