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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders: news and videos

Japanator Awards 2015 photo

The Japanator Awards 2015: Anthony's Top 5 Anime of the Year

It's that time of the year to wax retrospective about the year we just had. Whether it was good or bad, we give this year a final look before looking forward to 2016. Today is my day to look back at my top 5 anime of 2015. This year I incre...

Japanator Awards 2015 photo

The Japanator Awards 2015: Josh's Top 5 Anime of the Year

With this year on the wane and a new year imminent, it's time to reflect on what came before: Our life choices, the state of the world, and most importantly: The Japanese cartoons we watched! It's time for 2015's Japanator Awards! As ever, ...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 46-47

I really didn't want to have to do this recap, because we're right up against Stardust Crusaders' endgame, which means that the bodycount has to rise. And really, who likes to watch people die? Don't answer that!

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episode 45

As well as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has held up after all these years, there are occasionally moments when you realize just how old it is. It could be a general feeling, like the absence of some more post-modern tricks of storytelling,...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 38-44

Well, it's been weeks since we last checked in with the Stardust Crusaders, a group name, which, come to think of it, doesn't make all that much sense in the grand scheme of things. I mean, sure there's a "Star" in "Star Platinum", and...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 36-37

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure may be best known in this day and age for helping define the landscape of shonen storytelling conventions, but one thing that shouldn't be ignored is ome of the sheer creativity creator Hirohiko Araki brou...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 34-35

What is this, a gambling anime? Actually, scratch that. The better question is: Why are two episodes of a battle anime portraying the drama of gambling better than a number of actual gambling anime?

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 28-33

It's been a while since we last checked in with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but the fun thing about this kind of story is that not a lot of plot movement happens from week to week. The true character of the series really only unfolds over the...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 25-27

It's been far too long, but after its season-long hiatus, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has returned to the airwaves!  And neither Joseph Joestar's Stand-user party nor the hardworking folks at David Production are wasting any time get...

Sal's Picks of 2014! photo

Japanator Awards 2014: Sal's Top 5

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is almost over. While I didn’t get to watch a lot of anime shows during the year, there were still a few titles that brought joy to my life. I guess you could say that I was lucky with the choices ...

Josh's Picks of 2014! photo

Japanator Awards 2014: Josh's Top 5

It's that time of the year, everyone. That time that tells us to think back on the year that just passed us by, and see what of it was best worth remembering. Memories made, lessons learned, and most importantly, Japanese cartoons watched. ...

Megadeth X Jojo photo

Megadeth helps you learn English Jojo style

Although I pretty much started ignoring Megadeth the day that lead singer Dave Mustane's public opinions started to swing to the far right, I used to be a pretty big fan. I actually had no idea that lead guitarist Marty Friedman had starte...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 21-22

If the last couple of episodes seemed tailored towards characters who still hadn't forgiven Kakyoin for his actions way back in episode 2, this latest two-parter feels addressed to make Polnareff pay for his comparatively greater sins. Afte...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 18-20

After a bit of a wait, we're back with more Stardust Crusaders, and things get kind of nuts. Of course, that's hardly something we should be surprised by in a series called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. But anyway, onward, dear readers! Rally h...

JoJo's Hoodies photo

Stardust Crusaders hoodies are JoJo's Bizarre Apparel

Have you ever wanted a Stand of your very own? Too bad, they aren't real, but clothing brand BEAMS may have just brought us the next best thing, in the form of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-themed hoodies, designed to look like Star Platinum, Hi...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: JoJo: Stardust Crusaders episode 17

When last we left Stardust Crusaders, a hostage situation was afoot. Steely Dan and his Stand, The Lovers, held poor old Joseph's brain hostage, with Jotaro turned into a 7-foot-tall punching bag, stripped of the ability to return the favor...

AA: JoJo's SC photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 13-16

One of the things I've grown to love about Stardust Crusaders is that it passes by quickly. It's amazing how I can basically leave the series for weeks on end and then catch up with all of them and remark "Wow, that was quick." Not to ...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episode 12

Is it just me, or is everyone in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure raised from birth on a steady diet of scenery? If they haven't, well, they sure can chew it! Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. In fact, it's the best thing. 

JoJo photo

Star Finger! Stardust Crusader's OP awakens its 8-bit Stand

Studio Me-gaane's stepped into some interesting grounds as of late. The group started remixing more of Super Sentai's opening themes, and they've tackled a few Western shows like the Power Rangers franchise. Recently, the chiptun...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 6-11

Man, JoJo and his crew just can't catch a break, can they? I forget to watch the show for more than a month and come back to see the party under near-constant assault. You'd think someone didn't want them to make it all the way to Egyp...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Annotated Anime: JoJo: Stardust Crusaders episode 5

This week's episode of Stardust Crusaders marks not only the fifth week that we've been exposed to another dose of concentrated badassery, but also the moment when everyone we see in the intro is gathered together. Yep, JoJo and the cr...

Stardust Crusaders 4 photo

Annotated Anime: JoJo: Stardust Crusaders episode 4

Lemme get hyperbolic for a second here: It is virtually impossible to have more fun watching an anime than you can have watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. And I'm talking genuine, no-caveats, no-qualifications, no-justifications, ...

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure photo

Get ALL the Jojo swag at LAWSON convenience stores

Oh, Jojo. You guys keep talking about it, and for some weird reason I still haven't watched it. I want to, but I'm busy. But you keep talking about it. And I want to be cool, too! Do you think if I head out to a LAWSON convenience store and...

Spring Preview photo

Japanator's Spring 2014 Anime Preview Guide!

Spring hasn't really sprung for me in my neck of the woods yet, but it's officially the season of flower buds and abundant sunshine, no matter what my thermostat says. Fortunately, even if I have to wait a while for warm, beautiful weather ...

Stardust Crusaders photo

Polnareff concludes the JoJo: Stardust Crusaders previews

The fourth and final teaser for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is finally here, and it's time to get French and slick up that hair of yours. Jean-Pierre Polnareff and his trusty Silver Chariot are all over this preview, and y...

JoJo: Stardust Crusaders photo

It's Abdul's turn to star in a Stardust Crusaders teaser

The second of four Stardust Crusaders previews is now available, giving us a glimpse of the man from Cairo, Egypt. Mohammed Abdul and his stand Magician's Red are on full display, with even a guest appearance from a certain psycho vampire....

JoJo: Stardust Crusaders photo

Old coot Joseph appears in this Stardust Crusaders teaser

I have some rather fond memories of the original Stardust Crusaders anime, in particular the god awful English dub. There's nothing quite like seeing old man Joseph Joestar running about the place, screaming "Holly!" at every opportune mom...

Anime photo

Za Warudo! JoJo's new season to premiere next Spring

I don't know about you, but a part of me is wishing for 2013 to be over already. Other than Space Dandy's super amazing entry into the 2014 Winter Anime Season, the return of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is another fine treat to look forward to...

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure photo

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure confirmed for a new season

[Update: Added a photo of the Jump scan and staff details.] In a leak from this week's Jump, we now have confirmation that Part 3 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is in fact getting another anime adaptation. David Production did a fantastic...



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