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KILL la KILL: news and videos

KILL la KILL photo

Don't lose your way with KILL la KILL's 8-bit opening

Listen up, you pigs in human clothing; Studio Megaane has used the power of his Retro Kamui to transform KILL la KILL's first opening theme into a stylish chiptune. Of course, the threads in the guy's latest work are sewn nicely, which mak...

Sal's Picks of 2014! photo

Japanator Awards 2014: Sal's Top 5

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is almost over. While I didn’t get to watch a lot of anime shows during the year, there were still a few titles that brought joy to my life. I guess you could say that I was lucky with the choices ...

Kill la Kill photo

Nail art is taken to a whole new level

Who doesn't want anime characters on their nails? The artists over at Color's Beauty Salon tweeted their most recent work at it got beyond popular in a matter of days. The famous Kill la Kill nails are making their way around the internet a...

Kill la Kill photo

Bask in the glow of Satsuki Kiryuin's Kill la Kill shirt

Hardcore Chocolate has become well known around these parts for spinning some cool fibers for Kill la Kill characters, using flat, monochromatic illustrations that really pop. Their yellow-themed Mako Mankanshoku design and red-themed Ryuko...

Kill la Kill photo

Final Impressions: Kill la Kill

The final episode of Kill la Kill has come and gone, with the story of the lone transfer student seeking revenge for her father's death having come to its conclusion.  Things exploded, Gainax references were made, people were cut into ...

4kids Kill la Kill photo

4kids takes on Kill la Kill: Meet Bully la Bully

I'm tempted to post this without comment, but that would be unprofessional of me. So meet Bully la Bully, the 4kids-style redub of Japanimation sensation Kill la Kill. Tumblr user Tony Le created the video based on this old pitch document,...

Nendoroid photo

Pre-order your Kill la Kill and Fate/Stay Night Nendoroids

Goodsmile Company has three new Nendoroids available for fans: Kill la Kill's Mako Mankanshoku and Ryuko Matoi, and yet another version of Rin Tohsaka from Fate/stay Night. These will make the perfect gift for yourself or any worthy ot...

Kill la Kill photo

Oh look, it's a Kill la Kill OVA teaser video

Kill la Kill might be over, but that doesn't mean you won't get one last look into the world! A short teaser of an OVA has shown up, giving us the very briefest of glimpses. It's mostly just background art, to be honest, but I figured many...

AA: Kill la Kill 23 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 23

To quote a good friend of mine after watching episode 23, "my body exploded and then came back together." With Ryuko back on the side of good, Kill la Kill dashes full throttle toward its climactic conclusion, bringing out all the heavy gun...

Kill la Kill photo

A day in the life of Senketsu

If you had your own Senktesu, what would you do with him? Wear him? Use his abilities to take down an oppressive school leadership system? Or perhaps just tuck him gently into bed. That's what a Japanese Kill la Kill fan ma_o_ji did, after ...

AA: Kill la Kill 21 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 21

Last week's Kill la Kill predictions proved to be true. I think ultimately the last thing anybody wanted was for this particular mini-arc to get dragged out for longer than a handful episodes. In a show that is often very fast paced, it was...

AA: Kill la Kill 20 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 20

All hail Satsuki. Much like last week's romp, Kill la Kill episode 20 spends lots of time with the secondary characters as we watch them make a rescue attempt by diving deep into enemy lines. Ragyo continues to taunt her youngest daughter, ...

Kill la Kill Lego photo

These Kill la Kill Lego figures are the best

The Internet can be a wonderful place sometimes, and getting to see characters from Kill la Kill crafted out of the finest Danish plastic reassures me on this. Not only do we have a pretty faithful Mako, but we have a Kamui Senketsu mode Ry...

AA: Kill la Kill 19 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 19

The sheer amount of nudity in Kill la Kill episode 19 is mighty impressive. Nearly every major and minor character appears naked this week, barely batting an eye.  Respect. A whole lot more went down, as the plot took several huge step...

Kill la Kill photo

The Kill la Kill Mako shirt everyone will be wanting

You know, I think Nudist Beach would be okay with you wearing clothes -- but just in this one instance! Hardcore Chocolate, a company (with the best name ever) that makes clothing based off of movies, wrestling, and other "punk" things, is ...

Kill la Kill photo

New Kill la Kill shirt pays homage to Tarantino

I would think by this point, everyone could agree that KILL la KILL favors style over substance, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of great show and films have done it over there years but nobody seems to embody that definition ...

AA: Kill la Kill 18 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 18

Oh Kill la Kill. Just when I thought you couldn't top yourself, you go ahead and give us episode 18. An explosion of plot progression, action, drama, and even a bit of humor, this week's Kill la Kill epitomizes what this show can be at...

AA: Kill la Kill 17 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 17

With last week's exposition explosion out of the way, Kill la Kill continues to move forward with its insane narrative. The end result is an episode of build up and release that wouldn't feel out of place as the climax of a series. Some mig...

AA: Kill la Kill 16 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 16

And just like that, the curtain has been pulled back from many of Kill la Kill's ongoing mysteries. The exposition episode has come and gone, leaving behind a wealth of new information and revelations. Things on the show will likely never b...

Kill la Kill photo

Kill la Kill jacket is up for grabs

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most people are Kill la Kill fans! This anime got popular really quick, and just about everyone I know loves the series a lot! I need to watch the show myself. Even though I haven't yet, I can spot a Kill la Kil...

AA: Kill la Kill 15 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 15

Goddamn. The School Trip arc ended in a blaze of glory this week with Ryuko taking the fight to Satsuki and the conflict between Honnouji and Nudist Beach coming to light. Revelations were had, nipples glowed, and buildings were smashed as ...

AA: Kill la Kill 14 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 14

The action moves away from Honnouji Academy this week as Satsuki takes her conquest on the road to the best part of Japan: the Kansai region. Football teams, old lady networks, and a whole lot of kansai dialect combine to form episode 14 of...

AA: Kill la Kill 13 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill 13

2013 has come and gone, which means it's time for the return of TRIGGER's Kill la Kill. When last we left off, Ryuko was in a not so great place, the treacherous Nui was causing all sorts of problems, and Mako was off being Mako and saving ...

Jtor Awards 2013 photo

The winner of Japanator's best female character of 2013

This year in anime was all about the ladies, with intriguing female characters springing up left and right like some kind of fancy anime flowers in the Japanator garden. It was a good year for women (and girls) who broke the mold in several...

Kill la Kill photo

Sushio draws Kill la Kill's Gamagori going to Comiket 85

Sushio (the character designer for Kill la Kill) is one of my favorite Japanese artists. His expressive artwork and dynamic, swooshy lines give his illustrations a great sense of movement and energy. Sadly, it seems he couldn't attend Comik...

AA: Kill la Kill 11 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 11

There was something of a tonal shift in this week's Kill la Kill, and I suspect that going forward we're going to see it become more and more pronounced. All parties are now on the move; Ryuko, Nudist Beach, Satsuki and her vague ambitions,...

AA: Kill la Kill 10 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill 10

Well that was certainly a loaded episode. Kill la Kill picks up this week with Ryuko taking on two more members of the Elite Four, Inumata and Nonon. There’s a whole lot less phallic imagery this time around, but much more in the way ...

AA: Kill la Kill 09 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 09

While the first chunk of this past week's Kill la Kill was dedicated to the build up, the back half dove further into Gamagoori's past with Satsuki as well as the duel with Ryuko. In many ways it was a lot like episode six in that the battl...

Music photo

Rejoice! Eir Aoi's new single is out on Amazon and iTunes

Most of us have been enjoying KILL la KILL around these parts, and there's a special offer that's too good to be true! In other words, the latest single by Eir Aoi (Fate/Zero's first ending theme and KILL la KILL's opening theme)&...

AA: Kill la Kill 08 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 08

I normally don't expect much from the big tank characters that often pop up in action anime. They frequently have super flat personalities that are limited to their stupidity and/or physical strength. In that sense, Kill la Kill's Gamagoori...

Kill la Kill photo

Preview the upcoming Kill la Kill OST

Here's a quick update for all you Kill la Kill fans out there: Hiroyuki Sawano's hot-blooded soundtrack for Kill la Kill arrives December 25th (and you can pre-order it here), but you don't have to wait that long to get a taste. Here's a p...

AA: Kill la Kill 07 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 07

Back when Kill la Kill first started airing seven weeks ago, Mako Mankanshoku came as a pleasant surprise to me. Now that we've finally had an episode with the spotlight on her, my opinion remains unchanged. Mako gonna Mako. I don't think t...

Kill la Kill References photo

Fans make list denoting Kill la Kill's pop culture refs

You think you know every single pop culture, anime, and video game reference in Kill la Kill? Are you a bad enough dude to catalogue them all? A group of fans from 4chan's /a/ board are, and have been hard at work compiling a handy dandy li...

Kill la Kill photo

Kill la Kill Senketsu hoodie now up for pre-order

Looking for the best way to stay warm this winter without getting the cops called? It's Senketsu, of course! But, you know, in hoodie form. COSPA is back with more Kill la Kill-inspired clothing, and I'm sure this hoodie will fit the bill f...

AA: Kill la Kill 06 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 06

It feels like Kill la Kill has found its groove. After a strong set of episodes, Imaishi and co. follow up with another right hook in the form of entry number six. The focus moves away from Ryuko and Mako, this time casting the spotlight on...

AA: Kill la Kill 05 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 05

That was one hell of a rush. After the over-the-top madness that was last week's Kill la Kill, episode five brings things back to the ground level, resulting in what I think is the most tight package thus far. Writer Nakashima slows things ...

AA: Kill la Kill 04 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 04

Last week, Imaishi and his team brought Kill la Kill to an early climax of sorts. Our main characters had a face off, buildings were destroyed, and people were blown into the sky. This begs the question: how do you follow up something so bi...

Kill la Kill photo

Here's some cool Kill la Kill merchandise for your body

Have you been eyeing Ryuko's midriff-baring outfit with envy? Maybe wanted a superpowered kamui of your own? Well, sadly, that doesn't exist yet. But you can get pretty close with this Kill la Kill t-shirt from Movic. It features the eyepat...

AA: Kill la Kill 03 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 03

Kill la Kill's third episode is about as climactic as anime can get without outright ending a series. It's a packed 24 minutes that devotes a majority of its run time to a large scale battle between the two leads, stopping only briefly to d...

AA: Kill la Kill 02 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 02

There's a moment in episode two of Kill la Kill where Mako gives a rousing speech about truth, love, and friendship. Through a complicated series of gestures and poses, she articulates why Ryuko is one bad mofo, before handing her new best ...

First Impressions photo

First Impressions: Kill la Kill

I made it two minutes into the first episode of studio TRIGGER's Kill la Kill before feeling a huge, stupid grin take over my face The way I see it, that's got to be some kind of record. The latest TV anime by Hiroyuki Imaishi (Gurren Lagan...

Kill la Kill sketches photo

Kill la Kill Instagram filled with awesome rough sketches

It's impressive how much TRIGGER and Aniplex have been pushing their brand new show, Kill la Kill. I don't just mean in Japan either; they've done a remarkable job of giving English speaking fans stuff to enjoy in the lead up to the first e...

KILL la KILL photo

Daisuki.net to simulcast KILL la KILL in five languages

As if we weren't hyped enough as it is, Aniplex of America will be teaming up with Daisuki.net, which will be joined alongside Crunchyroll and Hulu, to simulcast their upcoming series KILL la KILL, set to premiere October 3rd. For...

Kill la Kill 30 sec CM photo

Kill la Kill 30 second CM is to die for

A few days back we posted a link to the latest Kill la Kill CM. It was only fifteen seconds long, but it was the first real look we've had at the series since it was first announced by TRIGGER. Aniplex since has uploaded an extended versio...

Kill la Kill photo

This new Kill la Kill CM has me hyped

One look at this 16 second Kill la Kill commercial tells me everything I need to know about the series. Read as: I need this show in my eyes right now. Trigger's (Little Witch Academia) first original TV anime series is looking every bit a...

Aniplex gets KILL la KILL photo

Otakon '13: Aniplex licenses KILL la KILL

[Update: Aniplex's Press Release on their  KILL la KILL license has been added.] Well, it looks like Imaishi's upcoming title is in a bit of a predicament here, folks. During this year's Otakon, Aniplex USA has revealed that they ...

KILL la KILL photo

Trigger's KILL la KILL gets its first CM

The level of hype I have for Hiroyuki Imaishi's KILL la KILL is borderline ridiculous at this point. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is probably my favorite TV anime of the past decade, and with Imaishi, Nakashima, and Sushio on board for KILL ...



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