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Kanpai Senshi After V: news and videos


Kanpai Senshi After V

It's been a year since Kanpai Senshi After V quenched our thirst for a fun Sentai parody show. While the series wasn't on the same level as Akibaranger, the main thing that made it nice was its similarities to the sitcom Cheers, since it focused on the team's bar outings. 

Speaking of which, it turns out the sitcom's getting a second season, which premieres this year. Sadly, the air date hasn't been revealed yet, but what matters is that we're getting an extra serving of After V. If anything, it'll be the closest thing we'll get to a new Akibaranger series. As long as New Yellow stays out of the picture, then the new program's humor might stay consistent this time around.

To those of who who kept up with After V, are you all looking forward to the new season this year?

[via Tokunation]

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