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Nobunaga the Fool: news and videos

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First Impressions: Nobunaga the Fool

The newest series by Satelight, created by Macross mastermind Shoji Kawamori is pretty much a history buffs dream come true, or their worst nightmare. Being that my history knowledge is quite bad, I can’t tell you all that much about ...

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Simulcast GET! Crunchyroll announces three winter titles

It's that time of the season where Crunchyroll announces a deluge of anime that they've licensed for your streaming pleasure...and err, there's nothing erotic at all about that statement. It's all in your mind, kids. So far today-- and I sa...

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Nobunaga the Fool is looking like a good time

I was getting worried about what anime I would be watching this Winter season. For some reason nothing was really lining up with my tastes, until my buddy Jeff Chuang mentioned that Macross's Shoji Kawamori was behind the upcoming, Nobunag...



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