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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 732

I know anime takes a lot of liberties with real world scientific laws. Pretty much everything we know about modern science can be skewed in anime and then thinly explained before becoming the norm in that series. Time isn't one of those pro...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 731

There is so much in anime that happens in between minutes of time that if I was able to that much done in the span of a few short minutes, you would see a lot more Annotated Anime articles on Japanator each week. One Piece's  time mani...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 729

From browsing Reddit, I stumbled upon an excellent Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike match between Dudley and Ryu where they go back and forth, back and forth. And it's how I feel about the final match between Luffy and Doflamingo. A...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 728

It's been a while since I've caught up with One Piece and there's been so much to see. A quick first impression of Fourth Gear is it looked so stupid. And I think that's what Oda was going for because when I saw it in action it was ama...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episodes 722-724

And now we close on another year in Dressrosa. We had made substantial progress through the arc with most of the executive fights over and only the biggest fight to tackle now. The pacing is still slower than a tortoise and the animation qu...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episodes 720+ 721

Whenever this show has a juicy title, you can always guarantee that 90% of the episode will be filler. The part you want to see will be at the very beginning then quickly revisited at the end for a cliff hanger. Or on the flip side, will be...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episodes 715-719

It's been too long my friends for a salty sailor to be denied the high seas. I've saved One Piece until last since little ever happens week to week. And the five weeks I do decide to leave are the five episodes where three executives a...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episodes 713+ 714

Cavendish is a good character for One Piece. His character design is nice and provides some fan service for the lady viewers who'd prefer the prince characters over the overly macho Zoro. Cavendish isn't just eye candy either, he is a&...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 712

I'm not too sure if Toei planned it to coincide with the month of Halloween, but this episode is scarier than the whole of the Thriller Bark Arc. Yep, the arc that is devoted to all things creepy and ghouly was showed up by an episode in th...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 711

Better late than never with this week's annotated anime. Let's get on with the show that was formerly about a kid wanting to be a pirate but is now about trying to escape a kingdom midway through a coup d'etat.  coup d'etat

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 710

For those hoping there'd be some resolution on the Bellamy-Luffy confrontation, you'll be very disappointed. A very small part of the episode is spent on the fight, but it doesn't progress in any way unless you count Bellamy gobbing a blood...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 709

This week you won't hear me raging about how the plot pacing of this episode is back to the tip toeing filler filled monotony that Dressrosa is becoming quickly known for. God knows I've done enough of that in the past few Annotated Animes....

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 708

So we're back again in Dressrosa with pirates, dwarves, marines, and gladiators all trying to topple the World Noble turned pirate turned Warlord of the Sea. I didn't think things would get exciting but this episode proved me wrong with non...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 707

After a couple of awesome flashback episodes, this week returns us to current day Dressrosa where exciting battles are going on, While the animation and fight scenes are fantastic, the same plodding pace makes a return reminding us all why ...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 706

I don't think I've seen such a good episode of One Piece in recent memory. It's not just good, it's great! It's better than the whole Rebecca storyline, Dressrosa stuff, and anything that was done  after the time-skip. It ultimately de...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 705

Has anyone else noticed that Swallow Island not only looks like a Swallow from a boat if it is looking at it from the right angle but also looks like a Swallow from birds eye view too? It's funny how coincidences just work in the world of f...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 704

Corazon reminds me of that weird uncle everyone has. The one that comes around for the holidays, always gives you awesome presents, tells great stories, but is also just plain weird. You were scared of him when you were younger cause he was...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 703

Today I like to make a shoutout to user Japanator reader Confuseddalek. Corazon really shines in this episode and we get to see why Law thinks so highly of him. Sadly we also get more vague information about what the infamous D. family thin...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 702

Doflamingo remains one of my favourite One Piece villains. Despite the shit I had to put up with in Dressrosa it is all worth it to see the good episodes. Doflamingo has one of the more interesting backstories of all the characters in One P...

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One Piece cast don denim for Jeanist contest

Japanese toy company Banpresto have made a website dedicated to finding out which pirate wore it best based on the popular One Piece franchise. Called Jeans Freak, the Jeanist contest allows fans, non-fans, and everyday internet users to vo...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 701

We've now entered the back story portion of the arc where tragedy is the dish of the day. No matter how pleasant and beautiful the setting may seem, the shit will hit the fan and the tear ducts will open once Mother Sea begins to play. I've...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 700

Whew! 700 episodes. I can still remember starting One Piece nearly a decade ago. Back then there were no official streaming sites so I had to go by Youtube episodes that were chopped up into 3 bits. I was inspired to watch it after I stumbl...

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OP Up! One Piece Edition

Having 700 episodes in 16 years, the One Piece anime has amassed quite a collection of openings and endings throughout its run. So this week's OP Up! and Week Ender selections are special, as we celebrate 700 episodes of One Piece openings ...

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Japana-Seven: The 7 best One Piece anime filler arcs

Today I'm here to count down the top 7 animated fillers in One Piece as part of the 700th episode celebration. To make this list, it can be anything animated with One Piece slapped on it, from movies to omake. However, if Oda had a direct i...

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Japana-Seven: The 7 best One Piece storylines

The Straw Hats have been through a lot in their 16 years on TV. Through smiles, tears, Gomu Gomu no's, and devil fruits I've sat through it all just to see a glimmer of that almighty One Piece. So to celebrate 700 episodes/ 350 hours/ 14 da...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 699

Donquixote Doflamingo has been one of my favorite villains in One Piece ever since he was introduced as one of the seven warlords of the sea. You only really saw him in-between arcs, but you could tell that he wasn't going to turn...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece Episode 698

Readers that cross-pollinate to other anime sites like Anime News Network may know that they have started doing One Piece recaps as well. The writer of these, Sam Leach disagrees with me almost every week. When I like an episode h...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 697

Nope that's not a typo. It's a word I just made up now to describe this episode of One Piece. Friller (adjective) def. To be mainly filler but is still entertaining to watch. May not be limited to the thriller genre. Portmanteau: Thriller+ ...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 696

When Law came on the scene I did not trust him. I didn't even trust him even when he allied himself with the Straw Hats before the time skip. Gradually through the Punk Hazard Arc he grew on me, but there was still this uneasiness, like he'...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece 695

I'm going to admit it, there are some fine looking anime people in One Piece. Whether you're into fish-human hybrids, abnormally large men, or disproportionate women One Piece will have you covered. I've always been a Vivi guy myself althou...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 694

The Dressrosa arc had the potential to be one of my favourite arcs. The main bad guy was the enigmatic Donquixote Doflamingo, it carried on from Punk Hazard so we got to have more Law, and Dressrosa is a great location for some he...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece 693

Yo ho ho! Ensign Redgrave back on the helm to deliver the SS Japanator through the Grand Line safely and to document the adventures of the Straw Hat Crew. I've been MIA for a while so I'll summarise the missing 9 episodes in bullet points.&...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece 684

Over the past few weeks, I've been re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with a friend. He enjoys the characters, setting, martial arts, and story because Avatar is a really good show. But the last two episodes we've seen; The Swamp and Av...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 683

It seems wherever the Straw Hats go, there will always be chaos. It's pretty rare for them to land on an island, wait peacefully for the log pose to adjust then carry on without getting into an 8 episode fight. I'm sure it has hap...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece 682

Ahoy there Japanator! Ensign Redgrave reporting for duty. I'll be taking over the SS. Annotated Anime for One Piece so I hope you're ready.  From last we left our heroes, the devious Doflamingo had started the hunger games within Dress...

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Special One-Piece Chopper film receives new animation

The now classic One Piece story arc of when the crew links up with Dr. Tony Tony Chopper will have new animation to celebrate the show's 15th anniversary. The tear-jerking film will on December 31st in Japan, providing a perfect way for an...

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Watch One Piece's creator doodle, and get advice from Zoro

If you've got a property as popular as One Piece floating around, it's a good idea to give it a place to weigh anchor in the unfriendly seas of the internet. I'm sure that's what Eiichiro Oda and company were thinking when they opened ...

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Shonen Showdown: One Piece Episodes 647 - 653

As we’re in the thick of a pretty serious arc, the pace for One Piece has slowed to a crawl. Not only that, but there are so many different things going on that it’s taking forever for major plot points to deal with themselves. ...

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Watch your favorite manga artist draw effortlessly

I stumbled onto this year old video today, and was totally blown away by the amazing skills of some of my favorite mangaka. It's no question wether they can draw or not, but their ability to quickly deliver these lovely pieces for fans is ...

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A Daily Dose of Music: AAA

There's a few things in anime that you can always count on. Son Goku ages slower than any living being in the universe, people will forever mispronounce Kaneda, and One Piece will bring the heat with their musical offerings. While I still ...

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Annotated Anime: One Piece 643-647

Phew, I've been gone for a while. That means that you guys haven't gotten your proper dose of One Piece in weeks. That's a bloody shame, and I'm here to fix you guys right up. Thing is, in terms of major plot developments, there haven't bee...

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Shonen Showdown: April 26, 2014

Welcome to Shonen Showdown, the battlin' anime and manga recap that's graduated from Ninja Academy, and is now cleared to use proper dates in its titles! Check out that fully spelled-out glory! In honor of our new authority, we've got ...

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All Mai Husbandos

[WARNING: Spoilers for Kill La Kill episode 24, read at your own risk!] Kathy awoke that day as she did every morning: to the smell of an indulgent espresso beverage, freshly-brewed by a certain blond bartender of unparalleled manliness. "A...

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I will become the Pirate King

To the Straw Hat Pirates, My name is Tony Tony Chopper, but most people call me Chopper. I am the doctor aboard the Thousand Sunny, the vessel we have shared for as long as I can remember. Even though I'm a reindeer who ate the Human Human ...

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Shonen Showdown 3-29-2014

Welcome to the latest edition of your weekly fight-show roundup, Shonen Showdown! And now it's time for your daily Mad Ninja Skillz™ Top Tip: You can't expect to intimidate anyone when you select the "Nervous Teddy Bear" expression a...

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Shonen Showdown 3-22-2014

It's time now for Shonen Showdown, the recap that doesn't want your pity or your mourning, for it is doing what it was always meant to do...recap battle anime and manga, and recap it hard. We've got a full house today with the latest offeri...

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Shonen Showdown 3-9-2014

Hey there! It's time again for some sweet Shonen Showdown goodness, so put on your happy faces, everyone! Oh, maybe not that happy. OK, please take off your happy face now.  It's an extra full house this week, with recaps of the b...

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Shonen Showdown 2-22-2014

It's that time on Saturday, people: The time to FIGHT! It's Shonen Showdown time! It's a week of epic reversals as Bleach makes us EAT last week's harsh judgment and Naruto turns a heel into (half a) face, while One Piece drops in...

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Shonen Showdown 1-25-2014

Hello and welcome to the latest installement of Shonen Showdown, your weekly recap of the best in battle anime and manga! We've got the full cast in this week, with sweet double-dose recaps of One Piece, Naruto, and Hunter x Hunter&nbs...



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