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Ultraman X: news and videos

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Final Impressions: Ultraman X

This might just be me, but 2015 felt like an average year for tokusatsu. The usual stuff ranged from average to enjoyable, and only one of them was consistently fun. However, things weren’t too bad, as I discovered the joy of watching...

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Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episodes 14-20

It’s been a while since we took a look at Ultraman X’s progress. Let’s just say that a few obstacles got in the way of this segment. Aside from being treated to a nice finale to the Gua Army Arc, a bunch of touching episod...

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Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episodes 8-13

Man. Ultraman X has gone through a lot during these past few weeks. From intense major event battles to sports games, the show is packing a ton of different elements recently. Perhaps the biggest thing to happen is that we might be hitting ...

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Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episodes 6-7.5

At long last, Ultraman X has finally pulled out some original creatures out of their hat. Again, it’s understandable why they couldn’t have done this earlier in the game. Either way, this hasn’t stop Tsuburaya from prevent...

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Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episodes 4-5

We’re five episodes into Ultraman X, and the show has finally unleashed its good playing cards. Not only did we get to fall in love with the rest of XiO’s crew, the show gave us a cameo appearance in the form of a previous ...

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Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episode 3

Another day, another city to be ruined by a giant monster. Yup, that’s Ultraman X’s format for ya. I guess that those pesky creatures just want to walk the Earth after being freed from their toy-like states. Not that it’s ...

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First Impressions: Ultraman X episodes 1-2

For a good while, my only experience with the Ultra franchise was Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends, which was directed by Koichi Sakamoto (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and Ultraman Ginga S’ Director). Honestly, I’m still baf...

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Simulcast GET: Crunchyroll nabs Ultraman X

Well, folks; I think it's safe to say that 2015 is a great year to be a tokusatsu fan. Last week, Shout! Factory announced Dairanger's North American DVD release, and Crunchyroll has now revealed that they're simulcasting Ultraman X. In cas...



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