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Wake Up, Girls!: news and videos

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Japanator Awards 2014: Jeff's Top 5

It was a great 2014 in terms of the anime mill--each season offered something pretty special, and a wide variety of interesting titles. Still, a handful of titles rose to the occasion for me, and I didn't have much of a problem doing a top ...

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ACEN '14: Wake Up, Girls!

Anime Central and Crunchyroll teamed up over the weekend and brought to the USA the anime-idol group Wake Up, Girls! I am more than excited to be able to cover them over the weekend and attend some of their events. Below the jump conta...

ACEN photo

Wake Up, Girls! to shake up Anime Central

Anime Central announced last Friday that seiyuu-idol group Wake Up, Girls! will be attending as guests, along with their producers--anime director Yutaka Yamamoto and producer Hiroaki Takeuchi. Naturally the WUGs will be presenting the anim...

AA: WUG photo

Final Impressions: Wake Up, Girls!

The journey for Wake Up, Girls! ends with episode 12, but the real challenge WUG faces only begins as the anime ends. It's high time to remember that the anime of WUG is just that; some stuff we watch on TV or via the internet. In the end t...

AA: WUG photo

Annotated Anime: Wake Up, Girls! episode 10

After last week's emotional climax, the Wake Up, Girls find themselves in an idols' war. At least this time, they are prepared to fight as a team. Without any more obstacles in among themselves, the WUG can focus on all the things that...

AA: WUG photo

Annotated Anime: Wake Up, Girls! episode 9

March 11, 2011, was not a long time ago. Coincidence or not, Wake Up, Girls episode nine has given anime its first look at the desolate and reconstructing, the post-tsunami Tohoku. However it's not the first time that WUG revealed a look at...

AA: WUG photo

Annotated Anime: Wake Up, Girls! episodes 6-8

Sorry for the interruption! I swung by Japan for a couple weeks with the hopes of catching a glimpse of the actual Wake Up! Girls! in the flesh. To no avail, their events in Tokyo at the time were booked solid and I was way too late in on t...

AA: WUG photo

Annotated Anime: Wake Up, Girls! episode 5

Continuing as the most realistic idol anime ever, Wake Up, Girls! episode 5 details two parallel stories: I-1 Club and the Wake Up, Girls. The way director Yamamoto frames the two groups in this week's episode goes beyond just putting each ...

AA: WUG photo

Annotated Anime: Wake Up, Girls! episode 4

When an ex-big-shot idol had a dirty falling out with her old group, it is big entertainment news that every outlet covers. Depends on how quickly the public forgets, the same could be said when the ex-idol tries to rejoin the business. It'...

AA: WUG  photo

Annotated Anime: Wake Up, Girls! episode 3

It's unavoidable, but if we think of last week's Wake Up, Girls! as a focus episode on Miyu, then this week's episode was the focus episode on Minami. I guess the blessing in disguise is that there are only seven girls in WUG, so the charac...

Wake Up, Girls! photo

Wake Up, Girls! PV clips show idols in the flesh

The seven girls of Wake Up, Girls! anime are an unusual representation of their real idol selves as the group Wake Up, Girls! It's got this interesting gap going when the anime and the idol group is made in twain, one based on the other. T...

AA: WUG photo

Annotated Anime: Wake Up, Girls! episode 2

 I think it's now safe to say that other than possibly weak production values, this anime is something distinctly different from its peer offerings. How it is different, however, is really a story of two sides of the same coin. I'm a p...

WUG Pilgrimage photo

Visit Sendai in this Wake Up, Girls! pilgrimage video

If you've watched the new idol anime Wake Up, Girls! last week, you can catch the above video as the camera takes you on a journey through Sendai and the surrounding areas to sight see the locations used in the Wake Up, Girls! movie and fi...

WUG photo

First Impressions: Wake Up, Girls!

When critic and director Yutaka Yamamoto announced that his next work would involve an idol group made up of girls from the Tohoku region, it was easy to be skeptical and make a face; I know I did. Given his outspoken and often controversia...

WUG movie photo

A special Wake Up, Girls! movie screening on Crunchyroll

Hidden in the torrent of license announcements for Winter 2014 is the story about Wake Up, Girls! Outspoken director Yutaka Yamamoto's brain child is not just an idol anime, but a whole elaborate setup where seven candidates from Tohoku are...



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