Rant: Stop with the 'F' bombs already!


You know what grinds my gears? When fansubbers constantly use swears in fansubs, or simply drops one every now and then. Nothing takes me out of the moment more than when someone like Goku drops an ‘F’ bomb instead of a spirit bomb. Yes, I understand that these are indeed fansubs, and if I don’t like what’s in them I can either buy the DVDs or shove a bulldog up my ass; but this isn’t what this rant is about.

This isn’t because I don’t like to swear, or that I’m against swearing at all, (F*ck!) see. My anger comes from something else entirely, something a little bit more personal. Fine, I’ll say it. Fansubbers, when you put a swear in a subtitle where it does not belong, you are no better than 4 Kids when they put a Super Soaker in where a gun should be. Yes, I went there. Read the rest of my swear-free rant after the f*cking jump.


When I watch my anime I enter into the otaku awesome zone, and usually stay there until the episode ends. There are some things that take me out of that zone, such as unnecessary swearing, karaoke in insert songs, and stupid untranslated words like “kawaii”. As I mentioned above, its not that I hate swearing, but because it sets off a bunch of questions in my head, taking me away from the show. “Is this something that particular character would stay?” “What did they say in Japanese?” so on and so forth.

The Japanese don’t really have any hardcore swear words in their vocabulary like ours. You got baka, kuso, and yaro, which pretty much mean, idiot, damn, and bastard. Sure you can upgrade these words up to shit and asshole, and that is fine and all, but in excess they can be bad.

So what’s the real reason for substituting and spicing up such fine words as: hell, hate, kill, and you!!! with fuck? Part of it has to do with fansubbers trying to make anime more adult by adding in massive amounts of this particular spice. Well, I hate to break it to you but it isn’t working. Putting on purple lipstick doesn’t make you look more adult, it makes you look like a prostitute; the same thing with this particular issue.

It’s not all the fansubbers fault though; the American anime industry did the same thing for a long time. I remember back then when I thought anime was so cool because they swore so much, seriously it was ridicules. They used to say fuck and shit so much that the voice actors probably made a drinking game out of it.

So the moral of the story is to not sub swears where they don’t belong; unless you like making your favorite anime look like a two-cent whore. However, there is one exception to this rant, and his name is Hiruma.


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