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More disappointing than I expected it to be

I’ve been a fan of the Akiba’s Trip series ever since it debuted on the PSP, especially since it was the “weeb” version of Way of the Samurai, which is by the same developer. While the gameplay isn’t spectacular per se, it’s still really fun, and combining the fact the story is Visual Novel-esque, it adds a lot of replayability, especially when you want to see end girl’s ending. Six years later, the game gets an anime adaptation featuring an original story. Looking at previous series like God Eater, Ace Attorney and especially Danganronpa (Both Persona 4 series were decent, in my opinion), we know that anime based on video games are usually bad news, so the series featuring an original story gave me a little bit of hope. Sadly, that was far from the case.

Akiba's Trip: The Animation (Bluray)
Studio: Gonzo
Licensed By: FUNimation
Released: February 13th, 2018 (NA)
MSRP: $49.99

Akiba’s Trip: The Animation revolves around otaku teenager Tamotsu Denkigai and his younger sister Niwaka who were shopping in Akihabara, which was being attacked by vampiric, cosplaying monsters known as "Bugged Ones". These creatures can possess anyone by biting them, and soon they cause total mayhem across the city. As Tamotsu is about to be bitten by a Bugged One, a mysterious girl wielding a baseball bat named Matome Mayonaka swings in and rescues him.

However, he later receives a near-death critical wound while encountering a Bugged One. Matome being considerate of his situation and the fact that he saved her from the Bugged Ones, she enacts a blood contract to heal his wounds and transferring her initial abilities as a synthister to him, thus being reborn and gaining superhuman abilities as a Bugged One. With his new powers, Tamotsu alongside Matome, Niwaka team up with avid cosplayer Arisa Ahokainen and form a group called "The Electric Mayonnaise" to fight the Bugged Ones. While fighting, they notice that the only way to destroy the Bugged Ones is to rip their clothes off and expose them to sunlight, like the games.

In the case of Akiba’s Trip: The Animation, with the very dull story and characters, I would have preferred a bad adaptation of Akiba’s Trip 2. Akiba’s Trip 2 story and characters aren’t spectacular, but they are a lot better than this. It didn’t help that the anime for the most part was episodic, and it barely gave any of the characters and development, and we only got some kind of story in the last three episodes. While I appreciate it the Yu-Gi-Oh-esque and the Street Fighter V episode, Anime-Gataris, did the otaku-centered culture more justice, with more likable characters, and it some cases, more relatable.

I decided to give the series another chance because I love the Akiba’s Trip, and I kind of regret it. Even though I wasn’t expecting much from it, it still managed to disappoint me. The series didn’t really feel loyal the source material. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the series yourself, my recommendation is to completely avoid it. 

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Akiba's Trip: The Animation reviewed by Christian Chiok



An exercise in apathy, neither solid nor liquid. Not exactly bad, but not very good either. Just a bit "meh," really.
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